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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 9 June 2018

I wonder if we'll start to see Switch numbers push above the 200K mark during the summer with Fortnite now being on the system. We've seen Matt From the npd thread state multiple times that this game is a key driver of sales for ps4 & XBOX so maybe it's a possibility? Also it seems that this is the main reason sonu has that bundle thing with Fortnite next month to perhaps sweeten the deal even more for ps4.

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FentonCrackshell said:
PS4 still doing great numbers! If only the Fortnite backlash wasn’t effecting sales.


80M PS4, amazing :)

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great sales for ps4 again, wonder how much spiderman in september can give another push

zorg1000 said:
These numbers are getting boring, its the same thing every week.

^This, but at least the Switch is closer to 18 million now. :)

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PS4 would have don 230k instead of 228k but fortnite happened.

CrazyGamer2017 said:

So we finally have the answer to the question: Will Sony sell 80M PS4 systems by the beginning of E3.

And the answer is Yes... And no cause 79.9M is not 80M, unless there is an adjustment later on in which case it could be yes again?

Also I wonder if the Fortnite backlash will impact sales? We'll know when the charts are updated a couple more times.

It most likely cleared 80 million by the 12th 10pm est. Thats 3 full days from the 9th. Considering the console is selling 33k per day (225/wk) in June. So 79.9 million + 3 days would make it 80 million.

GribbleGrunger said:

I'm still waiting for that big turning point I kept seeing posted. Has it been relegated until the end of the year again?

Can you blame it tho? We all know Nintendo sales grow the most during the holidays, and this year the heavy hitters are all releasing in that period, unlike 2017. If sales don’t explode by the end of the year, then we can be sure this is it. But we can’t expect sales to be better than they are now (which are pretty good) when the biggest release for months is Mario Tennis...

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Pretty much what I expected. Switch only barely above XB1 in North America. It will probably drop below XB1 sales before the end of the year. The Switch train is going to keep running out of steam until Pokemon comes out.

I can swear I was having a discussion with someone where I was saying the PS4 will hit 80M before or around E3 2018.

Now all that remains is for it to sell about 13M consoles in a little over 6 months to surpass 2017.