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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Silicon Studio (Bravely series) splits middleware and gaming divisions, Creek and River the new development division

JRPGfan said:
Keybladewielder said:

I don't think this necessarily means the end of the Bravely Series, if Square-Enix and Asano want to make another Bravely game, they can hire the new "Creek and River" company or maybe they can use the division that Square created for Switch games.

Thats what the article says though.
Mobile gameing is too risky, and maybe the 3DS games didnt bring them the "high returns" they wished for.

Their efforts will go into "developing graphics engines and middleware for games" instead.

You seem to have missed the part where it says that 90% of Silicon Studios shares will be transferred to the new gaming division, Creek and River, and the part that says they will work to create synergy with Creek and River by providing them with the use of Silicon middleware. Creek and River will still make games, Silicon Studio just separated from the gaming division so that they can stay in business as a middleware company just in case there is another video game flop that loses alot of money. There is still a chance of Bravely 3, though considering Bravely Second only sold like 1/3 of what Bravely Default sold (according to VGC anyway), I wouldn't call the chance great.