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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 Fortnite Bundle on July 16th, includes exclusive skin and $5 dollars worth of V bucks

Angelus said:
pitzy272 said:

Hold on, how was Fenton banned for his comment but OTBWY got nothing? That seems quite inconsistent. 

He wasn't banned for that post, he was banned for one where he called Xbox users infidels.

Which OTB post would you like me to take a look at?

“But knowing Sony, they will halfass it and put "We have 80 million players!!" on it instead. Out of touch like its hardcore diehard fans.

I mean I don’t complain on this site, and I’ve never reported someone in my entire history on here, but Fenton getting banned, especially when OTBWY’s comment was left unaddressed, seemed odd. OTBWY’s comment seemed much more inflammatory, and I don’t even see how Fenton’s comment was that bad when you consider the definition of infidel (a person who adheres to a religion other than one’s own). 

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It should be obvious to everyone that discussing about why Person A isn't moderated for this particular post is not even related to the topic of the thread. While this post of mine was directed to one person and not to everyone, it is something everyone should follow. Anyone who has contributed to the derailment of this thread will be kept a close eye because this is not excusable. Locking right now.