Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many 3rd party titles have you bought for your Switch?

How many 3rd party titles?

1 8 14.81%
2 6 11.11%
3 4 7.41%
4 3 5.56%
5 1 1.85%
6 1 1.85%
7 or more 31 57.41%

Stardew Valley, Golf Story, Disgaea 5, Minecraft, Blaster Master, Skyrim, Celeste, Oxenfree, KoF98... ah, I'm not going to write them all out, let's just say significantly more than 7.

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None, will get overcooked 2 on it probably, and maybe Sonic Team Racing as long as it's not half the frame rate of the PS4 version.

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As of my last update to the third party society 20. But it's actually a few more than that now, I need to update my number now that the thread is alive again. I only buy stuff I'm genuinely interested in though, so I'm not a pure collector or anything. I love Indies, so they tend to stack up.
I think I only own three or four third party releases by big publishers, among them DOOM, LA Noire and Rayman Legends. I intend on getting Crash and Octopath Traveler (and also DS whenever it comes out) this year though.

I'd jump on an Ace Attorney collection, if Capcom was wiling to throw it on the switch, even if at this rate it will be a digital only release or a 'get the first game on the impossibly tiny cart we'll try to get away with and download the rest'-release....

Honestly third party support by the big publishers has been just ok, so far. While Bethesda has offered pretty stellar support, and UBI has at least delivered one absolutely lovely game, most others have offered lukewarm to outright shitty support for the switch so far, so it's not tht surprising that there aren't many evergreen AAA third party titles in the charts.

Where's the zero option? Third party on Switch makes no sense to me.

 i currently own 21 3rd-party games, 20 of those being indie-titles.

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Around 20 so far

67 Third part games on mine now.

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I have 0 third party exclusives on the Switch. Does Bayonetta count? If it does, then it would be 1. Physically, I have more games on Switch than any other console. Although I do have more games on PlayStation overall.

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Atelier Lydie & Suelle
Nights of Azure 2
Disgaea 5
The longest 5 minutes
Touhou kobuto
Super bomberman R
Sonic Mania
Lost Sphear
I am Setsuna
Spelunker Party!
Azure Striker Gunvolt
Castle of Heart
Moon Hunters
Bayonetta 2

Axiom Verge
Battle Chasers
Binding of Isaac
Cave Story
End is Nigh
Fate / Extella
Has Been Heroes
I Am Setsuna
Ittle Dew 2
Just Dance 2017
Mario + Rabbids
Resident Evil Revelations
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Steamworld Dig 2
Super Bomberman R
Tiny Barbarian DX
Ultra Street Fighter 2
Blaster Master Zero
Earth Atlantis
Flame in the Flood
Golf Story
Graceful Explosion Machine
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
Nba Playgrounds
Snake Pass
Stardew Valley
Thimbleweed Park
Wonder Boy

So there's 34