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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Trailers

DakonBlackblade said:
HandofPrometheus said:
I feel like they made Claire too eye candish or prettied her up way too much.

Shes like in her early twenties on RE 2, and on 4k, she was obviously gona look good.

While Leon looks like he's younger, she looks like a rookie Disney Channel T.V actress. I guess they got rid of her biker get up to make her modern.

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You guys think they're gonna reuse puzzles and keep the backtracking?

The game looks awesome and I guess I'll get used to the new characters models. Capcom seems to like changing them for every game anyway. This is my second favorite Resident Evil game and it looks like they did a great job recreating it.

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BraLoD said:
Kyuu said:
Claire's redesign is atrocious, this is my only gripe so far. Maybe they'll fix it the way they fxed Chun Li in the latest MvC game.

She looks a bit strange, yeah, not liking it as well.

Both look quite young, it's understandable but she looks way too different.

They better not mess with Ada's cute face...

I'm liking the new interpretation of all characters shown except Claire. They better do something about that!

HandofPrometheus said:
You guys think they're gonna reuse puzzles and keep the backtracking?

I certainly hope so. Don't want to evoke the conflicted feelings I had with RE4 which I thought of as a great game, but a terrible Resident Evil...

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Looks good. Lost count how many times I rebaught this already lol



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BraLoD said:
Where's my Ada!??

Her silhouette showed up.. in case u missed it.. *lenny face*

OMG, it looks so good! Visually and gameplay-wise from the little bits they showed. Love the Leon redesign, though Claire's does look a little bit weird. This is the game I've been looking forward to the most at E3, and I was so stoked when it was revealed at Sony's presser.

Though I've been thinking: any chance we see Nemesis' appearance? Maybe not as a boss (Mr. X already fills that role), but maybe in a small cameo. If I'm not mistaken, his fight with Jill in RE3 takes place just before Leon and Claire appear in Raccoon City, so maybe Leon or Claire could catch sight of an injured Nemesis marching down the streets or something before arriving at the R.P.D.. It would be a good way of making the two games feel more connected and add a further sense of nostalgia to the REmake. It would also make Claire stumbling on that picture of Jill's supposed ex-boyfriend in her "S.T.A.R.S.!" office that much more meaningful, pun intended.

UltimateGamer1982 said:
Hiku said:

That second trailer looks better than the first trailer even. Wow, this game looks SOOO good. I especially like the way the zombies are moving.

Right. The second trailer looks miles better than the one at the Sony conference. The graphics are insane. This is seriously gonna be one scary game. The lighting is very well done. 

Yeah, scary is the word that pops into my mind when looking at how the zombies move.

This looks gorgeous.

Clair design looks just a realistic western white girl design, unlike the anime-ish design of the original.

Well, this isn't the game some people wanted. It's a completely new game that retells the resident evil 2 story. It's not a port, and not your usual definition of a remake. With that said, the sheer amount of work they would have to do to make this game a fixed camera angled game, vs. how it's intended to play out?... I don't see that working too well. You would have some things off camera for suspense, then with the camera angle changed, that suspence of "what's in front of me" is completely taken away, and it becomes, "what's around the corner." The game would have to be completely reworked to accommodate both styles.

So much work, in fact, they would have made sure everyone knew both camera styles would be there.

But, c'mon, guys. Resident Evil 2 was made at a time where there was no true formula for making 3D games. Everything was an experiment, and many of these things just don't hold up today. I watched someone play resident evil hd about a year ago, and it was a slow, dragging experience. Sure, I can enjoy it, but tank style resident evil controls for a character who moves unrealistically slow in intense situations just has no place in 3D games. Unless you're playing a game with actual TANKS or something heavy. Not squishy humans.

It was technical limitations that gave us the resident evil 2 that we got. Now, it's free from those chains. Let's see what it can be, before we dismiss it. Resident evil 2 is my favorite RE game. I've seen people who are fresh to the series completely dislike the sluggish controls and outdated mechanics. Go ahead and upset those fans who are too dismissive to change, if it means bringing in more people that will like the game. It wouldn't have had good legs selling, if it had been like the other games. Resident Evil 4, and 7 proves it doesn't need those controls anyway.

Personally, I can't wait. And I've played RE2 more than any other resident evil game.