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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets Rates Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference



Amaizing 8 10.00%
Great 32 40.00%
Good 24 30.00%
Decent 5 6.25%
underwhelm 5 6.25%
Bad 5 6.25%
Worse 1 1.25%

It was really good. I'd give a solid 8/10

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New Forza, Halo, Gears.
Ori and FH 4 STILL best in show, gameplay, aesthetic.
New studio aquisitions.
Amazing flow of game after game, first parts and 3rd party games. Variety of games from Tales, Forza, to shooters.
Commitment to Xbox's future.

9/10 Best conference so far at E3.

Undisputed Gamer BAY BAY 

I give it 2/10.

Microsoft didn't do anything super stupid this year like "Minecraft in 4K", but other than that it was terrible. The only new first party game they have coming out this year is Forza. Everything else is a third party game that is also coming out on PS4/PC or else it's a trailer for a game that is nowhere near release. That Halo game is still years away. They've got no gameplay for it at all. Gears is years away too.

Microsoft has nothing. They made a lot of announcements, but who knows when any of that will actually be released? All they did is make a bunch of promises with no indication of delivering on those promises any time soon.

It was great.