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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets Rates Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference



Amaizing 8 10.00%
Great 32 40.00%
Good 24 30.00%
Decent 5 6.25%
underwhelm 5 6.25%
Bad 5 6.25%
Worse 1 1.25%

It was okay, but I wasn't exactly convinced that buying a Xbox One was a great idea. Keeping my eyes on Gears of War, FH 4 is a must have, other than that, it's more or less thing I'll either play on PC or simply won't play (like Halo). To be fair; EA's conference was shit and Bethesda's was quite underwhelming for me as well.

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HollyGamer said:
jason1637 said:

what games that made you intrigued or make your jaw drop? Is there any particular moments that made you hyped or jump, any particular moment that make you crying perhaps  

They gave me what I wanted to see. New Halo, Gears and Forza all look great. New content for games I play like Sea of Thieves, and PUBG. Got to see more Crackdown and Ori and these are games I'd definitely play because of gamepass. They showed they are dedicated to first party with new studios. They also showed a lot a multiplats that I'm looking forward to playing like Division 2, Cyberpunk, Battlefield 5, Fallout 76. Had surprises like Battletoads, and the new skateboard game Session had me pretty hyped. It would have been amazing if they had a few more AAA exclusives and ended with Halo Infinite gameplay.

Underwhelming because they only showed Halo, Gears, and Forza for exclusives. A conference should make me want to go out and buy the hardware to play the games that are shown.  That did not happen.

really a great show, and as a sony fan i must say, that i really enjoyed the conference

Really good!! All those multiplats i will get on ps4


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It was great, but it didn't convince me to buy a xbox. Most of the games i am interested in are also on PS4. I'd love to play that Battletoads though

It was actually a pretty good time, though the best time I had were with multiplats which means I didn't get convinced by their first party showing much, especially since we were expecting their big trio to show up and only Halo is interesting imo (which isn't much to say since it gone to shit since 4 so ...), so no surprise on that part.

Still waiting for next gen.

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Great show i thought.

Loved what i saw of Crackdown 3, looking much better than last time. Halo Infinite teases a pretty large world and new engine, so exited to see what this non-numbered Halo game(s) have in store. I thought Gears 5 and Horizon 4 looked great.

Thought the studio additions was exactly what they needed to round out their current staple franchises. Now the platform has several studios to put out story driven action games, from proven developers .

I actually love the direction GamePass is headed, with sameday new realeases getting tossed in. Enough for me to subscribe. $60 to play all the first party games and then some in a given year is a great deal.

And the commitment to new rounds of hardware, the platform is in great position going forward.

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When it started and I saw all those consoles and TVs, I got scared thinking that it would be a non-stop carousel of devs going on stage to show their game. Thankfully I was wrong and none of that happened (except for Forza Horizon, the game that needed it the least of all the shown games).

I think it was a very good conference, I liked it and a lot of the games shown. Maybe the one I liked the most is the tactical Gears of War game, but that's just me.

Sadly, as a PC owner it didn't do nothing to make me want to buy one. And talking about the new console, even if it's one or two years away, didn't help in that regard.

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Amazing multiplatform conference, bad Microsoft conference. Total: good.