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Great show i thought.

Loved what i saw of Crackdown 3, looking much better than last time. Halo Infinite teases a pretty large world and new engine, so exited to see what this non-numbered Halo game(s) have in store. I thought Gears 5 and Horizon 4 looked great.

Thought the studio additions was exactly what they needed to round out their current staple franchises. Now the platform has several studios to put out story driven action games, from proven developers .

I actually love the direction GamePass is headed, with sameday new realeases getting tossed in. Enough for me to subscribe. $60 to play all the first party games and then some in a given year is a great deal.

And the commitment to new rounds of hardware, the platform is in great position going forward.

PC I i7 3770K @4.5Ghz I 16GB 2400Mhz I GTX 980Ti FTW

Consoles I PS4 Pro I Xbox One S 2TB I Wii U I Xbox 360 S