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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anthem and Days Gone both releasing on Feb. 22, 2019

Given that i'm getting both it's going to be tough choosing which game to start.

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Anthem looks like a prettier version of The Division and Destiny. Just with a huge PVP minus. The story also seems to be completely nothing of note.
Days Gone looks like a huge robust singleplayer game with a ton of things to do, and a ton of things i want to do.
Guess which wins.

Oh, is this how Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild cancelled out the others sales so both basically tanked and were flops commercially and critically?

Interested in Days Gone, currently not in Anthem, though. If Days Gone does release in late Feb, i'll have to wait until like October or November, to play it, due to my work schedule.

Metro is releasing the same day, this is getting crazy

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melbye said:
Metro is releasing the same day, this is getting crazy

I was just about to say this. Going to be a crazy day. I wonder if any of these titles will budge. 

melbye said:
Metro is releasing the same day, this is getting crazy

Can't developers/publishers play nice? Geeeez.. Why not pick another week in the same month if you are hellbent launching on that month? Why go up against 2 other games.. I can't believe the industry is that healthy and with so many new games that we have actually come to the point of complaining about release dates and too many games!

Crackdown 3 too lmao

flashfire926 said:
John2290 said:

You're joking, right?

Anthem will be as big as Destiny/the Division when it launches. And this comes from someone who doesnt give a shit about anthem.

There was some big hype and very positive previews for both Destiny and the Division back then. Which is not the case for Anthem. 

And they didn't show much gameplay of Anthem. The Game seems far from being finished. It's gonna probably be delayed to at least march.

The new Metro game also got Feb 22 :O

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