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Forums - General Discussion - Men that look like woman ?


Would you get trapped by these men?

Yes 0 0%
No 7 100.00%


Which of these fine men can trap you ? Source below. These men are real trap's 

Link to






I game on all consoles and PC

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I game on all consoles and PC

Updated the title for more exposer

I game on all consoles and PC

jk.. or not.

I don't think I would be trapped by any of them, but their are plenty of transgirls out there that I would definitly go for, pre or post op. My favorite transgirl is Izabelly Marquesine!

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These wont trap me at all,i also don't want to be trapped from anyone. I can be attracted to trans people but lets just be honest to eachother from the start. :p

Is there a way to ban certain users threads from my Hot Topics?

Aerosmith - "Dude Looks Like a Lady".

Impossible to get trapped, EVEN if somehow I'd be convinced they are women, when the time comes to have sex, I'd see a big carrot down there and unless for some reason I would decide to get a lobotomy, my brain should (hopefully) register that penis = NOT a woman.

Meh. Traps are only attractive to me if they also have some kind of bewbage going on.