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Game quality aside, I don't know what is worse between this, Nintendo's puppet show and Microsoft's Kinect E3.

Yawn. Do wake me up for Ninty's show tomorrow.






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Maybe Joel was just in her mind last time.

Pretty bad so far. Not sure what Sony's gameplan is.

Confirmed!! No new game


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The Last Of Us 2 looks really amazing visually. New game plus for God of War? Hell Yes that's what I wanted lol I was gonna keep playing Nilfheim forever otherwise... but yeah
back to the E3 presentation I am not a fan of this format. Last year and 2016 was way more entertaining.

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New Game + for GoW, well, too late already got the platinum lol.

Can we just... get to the games?

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From a presentation point of view this is awful, a complete waste of time.

Nothing to see here, move along

I don't know what I love more, the graphics or the gameplay. Both are insane.