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This is what happens when Sony gets cocky.

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So they are showing different games, just not on stage.

BraLoD said:
Maybe Joel was just in her mind last time.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do one of two things:

1.) A "Sixth Sense" (I see dead people) kind of plot twist later on, after believing that she's really been talking to Joel for many hours.


2.) Constantly throw in flashbacks of Joel, without revealing that they are flashbacks, until much later.

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Wtf os this garbage ass stupid conference AM i watching


Ooo... Firing Range.

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Yeah, they need to get back to their 2016 presentation style. This really kills the pacing...

"folks at home should be happy..."

Have to say, way to blow it Sony. You could have won E3, but instead you are disrespecting the millions who are streaming it at home. Very poor showmanship. Fortunately, the games are amazing.

Why is this happening? Sony was killing it with the "games, games, games" format of the last few years. Now I've got it on mute?

BORING omg!!!


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