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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Nintendo can approach VR

VR is a big new trend in gaming, with many companies already throwing their hat into the ring. Except of course, Nintendo. In typical fashion, Nintendo still isn't convinced of the format's future yet. The reason given was that VR was a solitary, isolated experience for one person, which doesn't fit their philosophy of sharing the experience with friends and family. But, I do have an idea on how Nintendo jump in, while still sticking to it's main mission statement.

Basically, rather than a pure VR device, I'm thinking of something more along the lines of an AR/VR hybrid platform. Let me explain. The device would resemble a pair of glasses, and each lens would be see though, allowing the wearer to still view the outside world. Each lens is also a display, allowing for 3D AR. This sounds a bit simple, but when you combine it with the moldable Switch hardware, there's a lot you can do with it. For example, you can place the Switch flat on a table, and the image on the Switch suddenly rises from the screen. You can then use the Joy-Con to interact with the 3D object.

Another example would involve multiplayer by sharing the Joy-Con. While the player with just a Joy-Con could be throwing objects, the player with the Joy-Con and goggles can catch those objects. Because the person with the goggles is the only one who can see the objects, it creates an interesting dynamic between the two players, as the player without the device tries to guess at where the person wearing it will be looking.

For uses closer to VR, wearing the device allows the player to see a compatible game in 3D, and combined with accelerometers and Gyro, the player can look around just by moving their head.

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Given the cost of the hardware i don't see them doing it anytime soon.

If Nintendo was smart then they would never do VR. Companies are spending millions on VR and yet it is still a failure. They are better off letting their competitors bet big on it so they can fail and Nintendo can reap the benefits.

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They can't, it's just too late for them to capitalize and develop on the feature. They don't have a stake in the technology either so what you're projecting OP, are just simply shattered dreams ... 

What you described is exactly what Microsoft HoloLens aimed to do but it costs at least $3000 ... 

I don't see why Nintendo would want to do VR in the first place. It's a very niche technology right now. Sure it is cool, but only high end gamers are gonna shell out the cost of a system for VR on top of the system they already bought. Generally VR people are a tiny proportion of Sony/Xbox people that are willing to shell out big bucks on a few more polygons and whatnot, so they're happy to pay hundreds more dollars to play games with VR. Most people have no interest in spending that kind of money for a few VR games on top of the cost of their system.

Maybe in like 10 years if they can start doing VR technology as like a thick pair of glasses I could see it taking off, at least somewhat. But there is absolutely no reason for Nintendo to jump into VR until the technology is ready (affordable) and until the market is ready. I think Nintendo will wait to see if VR actually picks up any steam before considering jumping into what could just be a mildly popular fad.

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What you described is basically just AR, seeing a game world in 3D and being able to look around with your head isn't VR at all. As the name implies, virtual reality involves the user being completely immersed in a virtual world, if you're just seeing 3d images and information on top of real world elements, it's nothing more than a vision augmentation.

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There is no trend. The "VR" "helmets" are a flop.

Theres projection technology being worked on. They are better off thinking how to adapt that and get it to a good price.

I don't think Nintendo needs to be in any hurry to enter the VR market. There is a ways to go before high end VR reaches a level of mainstream appeal, and even longer before Nintendo can offer a low price, low end device that fits their market.

Their concern of isolation is a non issue. VR actually is the most social form of gaming outside of couch co-op. The ability to physically be in the same space with anyone in the world through digital teleportation, is one of the most powerful expereinces I have ever expereinced. You can actually see peoples mannerisms in online VR games, thanks to hand, body, and head tracking. Even in this early stage, it is a massive leap over any other form of digital communication. As the tech grows, we will be able to go anyplace in our imagintation, with friends and family, or complete strangers, with full facial animation and gesture capture. This will allow for truly incredible interaction.

As for the AR/VR or Mixed Reality. That is already possible on HTC Vive, and Vive Pro. It should be a standard in headsets going forward, allowing for even more versalility. This would make it possible for the headset to go from a digital world entertainment and training, to real world entertainment training. Imagine being able to work on your car, or cook a dinner with the pop up instructions, real time measuring, real time torque, real time heat, etc. all displayed in an overlay.

The next gen headsets are going to user smaller screens, with twice to three times the resolution of current screens, a larger field of view, and quicker refreash rates. The tech is quickly maturing, and I think next gen high end headsets will reach the level of quality that could appeal to the mass market. I think the gen after that will be the perfect time for Nintendo to enter the space. I know some have asked that Nintendo just make an optical headset to slide the Switch into, but I just don't think thats a good idea. Switch is too big, and too underpowered, with too low of a resolution for a quality VR expereince. Best to wait until it is ready to be done right, and let others spend the trillions it is going to cost to work out the kinks of the technology.

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People need to learn that AR is absolutely useless for gaming, barring a few little mobile and party games. There is nothing AR does that VR cannot, and better. Not only is it a hell lot easier to project your surroundings into the VR world instead of the other way around, the possibilities are virtually endless, while AR is by design very limited. I really hope no one actively pursues AR gaming over VR gaming.

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