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VR is a big new trend in gaming, with many companies already throwing their hat into the ring. Except of course, Nintendo. In typical fashion, Nintendo still isn't convinced of the format's future yet. The reason given was that VR was a solitary, isolated experience for one person, which doesn't fit their philosophy of sharing the experience with friends and family. But, I do have an idea on how Nintendo jump in, while still sticking to it's main mission statement.

Basically, rather than a pure VR device, I'm thinking of something more along the lines of an AR/VR hybrid platform. Let me explain. The device would resemble a pair of glasses, and each lens would be see though, allowing the wearer to still view the outside world. Each lens is also a display, allowing for 3D AR. This sounds a bit simple, but when you combine it with the moldable Switch hardware, there's a lot you can do with it. For example, you can place the Switch flat on a table, and the image on the Switch suddenly rises from the screen. You can then use the Joy-Con to interact with the 3D object.

Another example would involve multiplayer by sharing the Joy-Con. While the player with just a Joy-Con could be throwing objects, the player with the Joy-Con and goggles can catch those objects. Because the person with the goggles is the only one who can see the objects, it creates an interesting dynamic between the two players, as the player without the device tries to guess at where the person wearing it will be looking.

For uses closer to VR, wearing the device allows the player to see a compatible game in 3D, and combined with accelerometers and Gyro, the player can look around just by moving their head.