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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official Nintendo E3 2018 Thread


How hyped are you for Nintendo's E3?

10 (Hype levels over 9000!) 28 20.14%
9 (Pretty Hyped) 21 15.11%
8 (Moderately Hyped) 27 19.42%
7 (Cautiously Hyped) 18 12.95%
6 (Not quite there yet) 10 7.19%
5 (Unsure) 3 2.16%
4 (Not Very) 7 5.04%
3 (Meh) 8 5.76%
2 (Not hyped) 7 5.04%
1 (NintenDOOOMED!) 10 7.19%

I'm cautiously optimistic.

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I can't wait for the new StarTropics reveal...

Have a nice day...

Let the hype begin. Metroid Prime 4, let's go!!!!

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Please don't disappoint me with Pokemon Nintendo.

Yes can't wait to finally see Fire Emblem! Still holding out hope for Animal Crossing, and I'm also curious to see if Starfox Gran Prix is actually real. Oh, and Smash is cool too I guess. :L

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Subspace Emissary 2 here I come ! (Book me a ticket plz !)

And if there's none, then I guess I'll rely on Mario Tennis Aces,Octopath and Yoshi to purge my sadness temporarily during the summer

(Also, you really delivered on what you said Green, congrats !)

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Added more people to the 2018 Nintendo E3 Hype Train, don't forget to book your ticket.

Hyped... are they closing E3 then?

I hope they do it with a bang!


fedfed said:
Hyped... are they closing E3 then?

I hope they do it with a bang!


Not really. They're the last presenter as they always are iirc, but the showfloor will continue for a couple days.

leedlelee said:
I can't wait for the new StarTropics reveal...

Well, a proper action-adventure game loosely based on Star Tropics would do wonders for Switch's catalog of games. Certainly a lot more than a StarFox racing game...

OT: And why not? I'll get a ticket, please. It's one of the few conferences that I can't watch and I'm curious to see if they have something to show from Prime 4.

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