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there were absolutely women who worked and sacrificed in WW2, but the presentation misrepresents actually how it went. i get it but dont support the stupid outrage.

it is also a video game and this is the story they want to tell, and I cant wait to play it. I know its not accurate history, but you need some more character models to sell those loot boxes for customization and its much easier with male and female options.

people need to relax.


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Comes out on my birthday 😁

setsunatenshi said:
I don't see what's the controversy here really... even BF1 has playable women in it. If you play sniper in the eastern European maps, you'll be playing a female.

Seems like in the new one you're even able to customize the character, which to me seems pretty damn cool :)

That's the whole point. Female Snipers in Eastern European maps in BF1 was historically accurate; Russia, Serbia, Finland,and a few other countries allowed female soldiers in combat roles. 

Allowing customizeable female characters on every map in Battlefield V, regardless of faction, is not historically accurate, as only a few factions allowed women to fight in combat roles in WW2.