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How often do you eat rice ?

Every meal 5 7.35%
Once a day 8 11.76%
A few times a week 22 32.35%
A few times a month 22 32.35%
A few times a year 6 8.82%
Ralery 4 5.88%
I've never eaten rice 1 1.47%

Once a week usually, sometimes twice a week. I try to get either Chinese food or Japanese food once a week, and I typically get a dish that comes with rice when I do that. About twice a month I'll eat either dirty rice, jambalaya, or Spanish Rice as well. 

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JRPGfan said:

Not often (once every month at most).

Supposedly rice really loves to absorb pesticides, and it also contrains arsenic (a poison).
If you eat rice alot, your body is accumulating these things.
(heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as development problems)

The right way to eat rice (safest way):
"Scientists claim rice should be steeped in water overnight to flush out the poison, and then it can be rinsed and cooked the next day."
No one I know does this, so its not really healthy to eat too often.


If you love rice remember these two:

1) Basically dont feed kids rice.
2) Remember to steep in water overnight, before useing it the next day.

This post is full of both correct information and incorrect conclusions.

Firstly, rice does like to absorb arsenic.  But whole plant foods help your body detoxify.  Add turmeric and black pepper (even in small amounts) to your food and it will especially amp up your body's detoxifying function.

To the degree you're worried about toxins in food, don't worry about rice, worry about meat that is full of estrogen and other mammalian hormones, pesticides (they eat huge amounts of non-organic plant foods before being slaughtered), antibiotics, heavy metals (they're near the top of the food chain and toxins bioaccumulate up the food chain), etc.  Whereas whole plant are lower down the food chain so generally contain fewer toxins, and whole plant foods help the body detoxify, food animals are higher up the food chain so have more toxins and consuming animal products actually works towards inhibiting the body's ability to detoxify.

Fun fact:  in most parts of North America, the majority of the aresenic in our soil comes from chicken manure used as fertilizer (with the arsenic itself having come from arsenic-laced antibiotics the chickens were given for decades).

So unless you're on a whole food plant-based diet (and if you add turmeric to your food, even if you are), rice is probably the least of your dietary worries.

Citations for all of the above available upon request (I have them handy, just not on this PC).

JRPGfan said:
Dr.Vita said:

Almost everyday, I would say 5-6 times a week. I like rice.

When you eat it, do you just boil it and then eat it after?
or do you remember to leave it steeped in water, overnight before the day you eat it?

Because if you eat rice that often, you should probably be doing it the right way,
to minimise how harmfull eating that much rice can be.

It's only harmful in theory.  In practice, the populations that traditionally ate the most rice were amongst the healthiest.  In your previous post you talked about heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and yet these diseases largely afflict people eating the western diet high in meat, dairy, eggs, and refined carbohydrates.

Type 2 diabetes isn't caused by sugars or starches, it's caused by saturated fat and cholesterol building up in the body and modifying the insulin resistance of the body's cells.  The sugar then comes along and acts as the trigger, but the cholesterol plaque and saturated fat was the cause.

Cancer rates were far lower in populations that traditionally ate lots of rice.  Though as those populations eat more animal products and processed foods their cancer rates are rising sharply.

Heart disease?  Heart disease was largely unknown in Asia until the Western diet started to become more popular there.

I rarely eat it - too many carbs. That, and it’s not very popular where I come from unless you eat ethnically which my stomach doesn’t agree with.

In Italy risotto is probably the second most common first course after pasta. I like a lot sushi and Cantonese fried rice too. Every now and then I also eat Italian rice pie, both sweet and savoury versions (of the latter, in my region, Liguria, it's quite common a simple recipe with just eggs and cheese, and optionally diced boiled ham, bet there's also a nice recipe with pumpkin, eggs and cheese and another simple and "poor" recipe with chards or green beet).
And across the whole Italy we have a lot of rice recipes, for example in Central and Southern Italy they are very common rice croquettes, like "supplì" in Rome and "arancini" (or "arancine", depending on the zone) in Sicily.

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Brazil here, so, quite often. Could be nearly everyday if I was from an actual Brazilian fan, but even as foreigners living here we still eat rice at least twice or 3 times a week.

I'll pick "ralery", since that's a choice.

At least once a week, it's a great side dish.

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Basically everyday. Rice and beans.

Good ol' Brazillian.

I've eaten it before, and I don't like it.