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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I wish Overwatch had flopped sales-wise

Overwatch is a successful game, but to what degree nobody knows because Blizzard won't divulge total units sold across PS4/X1/PC. Another thing that ALOT of people don't realize is that South Korea, Overwatch's biggest market - dont even buy digital/physical copies because players in SK gain access to Overwatch from Internet Cafes and pay for an allotted time for the service. So with that said - South Korea's player base for Overwatch simply CAN'T be attributed to sales numbers.

The Overwatch League however, will not be around for more than a few more years. Ratings and viewership have already peaked, with no inclination that they'll ever go back up. Blizzard still has alot to learn before Overwatch can truly succeed as a global esport.

I give it around 2021 when Blizzard cuts the cord on OWL.

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Hmm. I disagree and I don't like that genre. The thing is that other people do like it and I'm fine with that. Loot boxes will go away when people buy the game but don't buy any loot boxes. It wouldn't be worth the flak they catch for 'em. It's a multiplayer game so a single player campaign isn't really a big deal.

Burning Typhoon said: 

Everyone's defending overwatch, though. Maybe there's a serious flaw in your thinking. You know what I did? I bought the singular pink mercy skin on the day of the release. I didn't care that it was 15 dollars. I've also bought lootboxes too if I don't get what I want near the end of the event. If it saves me time, and hassle, or having to wait an entire year to get, it's my money and I can decide if it's worth it.

I agree with this, I also bought the Pink Mercy skin for £12.99, and I spend £34.99 on 50 lootboxes at the end of every event to see if I can get everything I wanted, if not, the duplicates I get usually give me enough credits to just buy the skins anyway, lol... speaking of, the 2018 Anniversary skins look pretty amazing, especially Doomfist, WE FINALLY GET HIM IN A SUIT! :P 

But yeah, they keep working on the game, adding a new hero and map every three months (In rotation so it's a new hero, then map, then hero, then map, every 90 days pretty much), along with new game modes too, and obviously people love the new skins they add. Honestly, I really don't mind dropping money for lootboxes considering all the new stuff they bring out, and it doesn't give me an advantage over any other player since it's all cosmetic anyway, I support cosmetic lootboxes, moreso if the cosmetic items inside them can also be gained without real world money, just like Overwatch.