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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Xenoblade Chronicles 2 be able to sell 2 million?


Will Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sell 2 million?

Yes! 20 68.97%
No! 5 17.24%
Don't Forget Me! 4 13.79%

I hope so, with the recently data mine about the throwback Rare Blades from previous games and the in depth story content it might just have the momentum.

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It definitely will.

killeryoshis said:
It is the best JRPG out right now. It will stay that way until maybe until Octopath comes out but that is only one game and is more aiming towards retro gamers/retro lovers. The Switch also has a lot of my people who like Japanese games so it is a match made in heaven. Xenoblade has more going for it than most realize.

Agreed, Xeno 2 is quite amazing and is my favorite JRPG in years. However, Octopath has the ability to bring back fans of the SNES era of JRPGs who have been inactive for some time, so I think Octopath might just do over 2M as well. 

2.09 mil life time.


Yes! I believe it will especially when more people buy Switches!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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I think it gets across that line when it gets its eventual Nintendo Selects re-release.

I think it will ... but in 2 years.

Though like Nuvendil said, 1,5M is lock which already means a massive upgrade from first both iteration !

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