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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Xenoblade Chronicles 2 be able to sell 2 million?


Will Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sell 2 million?

Yes! 20 68.97%
No! 5 17.24%
Don't Forget Me! 4 13.79%

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released on the Nintendo Switch on December 1st 2017 and managed to become the highest selling Xenoblade game in the series (and the entire "xeno" series) at 1.31 million as of March 31st 2018.

With even more content to come in the expansion pass such as the story DLC, and the tremendous momentum of the Switch could Xenoblade Chronicles 2 take things one step further for the series and reach 2 million copies sold? (A pretty big number for the niche JRPG series).

Either way, I'm very happy with it's sales and had a blast with the game. I'm looking very forward to it's future story content releasing this year and whatever future titles Monolithsoft releases.

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It deserves it, but probably not. But it is a franchise that grows with each new game so maybe the next one

Thats highly likely, thats for sure.

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Love that alt cover, nice choice.

And I sure hope so, the game more than deserves it.

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If the story DLC this fall is really good it could see a decent bump from that. I think its feasible but not necessarily likely.

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It could and should. It is a fantastic game.

However there is no guarantee in the world of JRPGs. Only time will tell.

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Well 1.5 is a lock. So the questions that come up are sales by either Nintendo or retailers, the quality of the story DLC, whether they do a Complete Edition or some such in 2019. But 2 million isn't out of the question.

I can see it hitting 2m the Switch momentum and DLC has really helped it break barriers if it hits 2m this year at current momentum then the's a chance legs could see it close in on 3m lt.

The game will surelly sell two million at least. It reach the 1m quite soon, so it has all the time in the world to reach the 2m, even if it takes the rest of the Switch's lifespam.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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With the expectation of more content coming until at least Q4, I believe so.