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People saying that 2.2 million is not a lot of sales are not taking budget into the equation. Persona 5 is a mid-tier game, and people are acting like it should sell the same amount of copies as God of War. It doesn't work like that.

Graphics matter.

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Nice to see it's having legs, it was just hitting 2 million late 2017 if I remember correctly.

Too much to expect another 300k before 2019?


Should be at 10M

That's great. I haven't played the game myself because I'm lowkey waiting for a Golde-esque version :p

That's great news. And that does not even include my copy as I have not yet purchased this game. And I plan to eventually.

I was wondering something. On the PSN there's the standard edition of Persona 5 and there's the complete edition that sells for a huge 100 euros. So I was wondering, anyone with this so called complete edition, is it worth it? How "better" is it compared to the standard edition? Is it really worth such a huge price difference?

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Seventizz said:

Ouch - kinda low in sales considering the amount of press this game receives. Mind you, this is a niche title so it’s understandable.

By comparison, PUBG on one platform (PC) has sold over 30 million units and on Xbox One it’s at over 5 million copies (as of March).

But it’s good to see that console gaming is healthy - even in the more niche segments.


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If you wish to somehow make observations about Persona 5 by comparing it to a totally unrelated genre (Battle Royale) At least use a better example quality-wise. Like I don't know, Fortnite? But ideally don't, since like I said, those games are totally unrelated with JRPG's like Persona 5.


Barkley said:
ZODIARKrebirth said:
great to hear, so hope that atlus let us not wait long for the next part

It'll probably be quite a while, I wouldn't expect Persona 6 till 2022 or later. xD

In the meantime I'd like an updated version of Persona 3, I've never played that one.

hope to see it sooner, but who knows what atlus wants to do, but after that success i think maybe faster than we think

Metroid33slayer said:
I will get around to playing this eventually, I hope it is as good as everyone says it is.

For many players, Persona 5 has the best story in the past 5-10 years. The game has been highly rated worldwide, one of the best videogames ever. The quality and love to detail is impressive. Your priority should be: Do not wait too long & enjoy this wonderful game in this summer ^^ A game that many people will never forget in their life - its so special :)

Carl said:
Nice to see it's having legs, it was just hitting 2 million late 2017 if I remember correctly.

Too much to expect another 300k before 2019?

another 200.000 - its possible, i think. 300,000 is difficult - the PS4 LineUp is full of big games this year and Dragon Quest 11 + Kingdom Hearts 3 are also released 2018.

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The Last of Us 2, so beautiful <3