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Forums - Sony Discussion - Beating A Dead Horse But God Of War Is Freaking Amazing

I love this game. The intensity of the combat is great and it definitely has the best story in the franchise. Cant wait to play on Give Me God Of War difficulty. You know you love a game when you want it to kick your ass. That is all.

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Yeah i loved it as well, i hope they put a NG+ mode eventually.

Same here. I'm on my second playthrough. Epic game.

John2290 said:
It won't be beating a dead horse until the GoW 2. 

It's beating a dead horse because we already have plenty of other threads saying the very same thing. :)

I'll let this one go, but no more...


I love how much others are loving this game. I had a good time playing it, but it did not hit the same level for me as TLOU or Horizon. However, listening to friends and family recount their journey, and the happiness in their tone and expressions, is an absolute joy.

One thing I have to say for those still playing, it is well worth it to run through the rest of the content you missed once you complete the main quest. It is incredible how good every piece of content in this game is, and everything has a worthwhile pay-off. I played most of the content before finishing and enjoyed it, but as I completed the last couple of missions I missed, and listened to additional stories, my love for the game just continued to grow.

I look forward to hearing more people relive their journey, as they tell stories from their adventure. Seeing the how happy this game makes others, keeps making it better and better for me.

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I played through the game once on give me a challenge mode. Platinumed it too.... honestly, after the hell it put me through on that difficulty, I didn't even bother trying to play it again on give me god of ward difficulty.

Bloody great game though. Best game I have played this gen.

I didn't care for the game at first. I actually considered quitting after the first few hours. But, since it got such good reviews everywhere, I decided to power through, in hopes that it would pull me in at some point. And, it really did pull me in. I've now played every side quest that I've come across, and figure I'm getting close to the end. I'm really glad that I kept playing. It is great.

With that said, I can't put it in the G.O.A.T., or even greatest of the generation conversation. Its a half-step below that level, IMO.

Then again, as I haven't finished it yet, maybe my opinion will change.

Yes definitely hope there is a new game plus mode somehow. It seems like the developer had basically stated no Add-ons or DLC planned but maybe they may create an expansion similar to the Frozen Wild. Beating the game has left me wanting more.

Best game this gen

I havent finished the game yet but I can say this is the best game ever. Story, combat, exoploration and graphics are all awesome. The high res 30Hz mode on Pro is so well implemented.