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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think EA could make a crossover game ala Mario+Rabbids with Nintendo ?


Will EA ever make a crossover game with Nintendo ?

Yes, they're already working on it! 1 3.85%
Yes, perhoaps in a few ye... 1 3.85%
Maybe, I'm not so sure 1 3.85%
No, but they would if Nin... 5 19.23%
No, they'll never do it 17 65.38%
Star Wars x Metroid x Sta... 1 3.85%

They could, but they won't. They aren't as flexible as Ubisoft in regards of crossovers or exclusives.

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Never gonna happen. I actually expect this kind of thing from every major publisher, except EA.

EA and Nintendo have never been on the same wavelength. The guy who founded EA had it out for them lmao. But no, they just don't have what Ubisoft and Nintendo have. I don't see it happening soon.

If there is enough money involved...then anything is possible. But I very much doubt anything would happen anytime soon.

Rumour had it that Nintendo approached Criterion at one time before the Wii U got revealed and asked them to make an F-Zero game. Various circumstances stopped that, however.

Nowadays, I hope EA stays as far away from any Nintendo IP as possible. Even though a Metroid x Dead Space game might be cool.

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EA and Nintendo are on opposite ends of the spectrum in ideology and approach.  Both of them are strong headed and very controlling over their assets and time.  I strongly doubt something like this would ever happen.  Even if they did, I don't think I would even want it.  Would prefer if EA just went away to be honest.


Forever ... unless EA goes through a major structural change in it's buisness modals ... which is just a dream as of now.

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Not sure why they would partner with Nintendo to get some goodwill from gamers. Its not Nintendo fans they keep screwing over.

Unprecedented partnership - the game

Not in near future.