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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think EA could make a crossover game ala Mario+Rabbids with Nintendo ?


Will EA ever make a crossover game with Nintendo ?

Yes, they're already working on it! 1 3.85%
Yes, perhoaps in a few ye... 1 3.85%
Maybe, I'm not so sure 1 3.85%
No, but they would if Nin... 5 19.23%
No, they'll never do it 17 65.38%
Star Wars x Metroid x Sta... 1 3.85%

Well Nintendo own Mario and Ubisoft own Rabbids so why would EA ever make this game?


(Kaza the Legend of Zelda?)

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I doubt EA will launch any game on Switch besides Fifa, and I'm not even sure about that one. So imagine how unlikely I think is a crossover game between both companies.

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I would be okay with seeing a Mario Sports game from EA but I still don't trust them completely

areason said:
CaptainExplosion said:

If you ask me EA's games have become a disservice, filled with gambling and microtransactions.

What's next, you have to give EA your blood just to have the better weapons in Battlefront 2?

Even when they release a game like BF1 it's still filled with so much DLC, it's mad. 

And it makes ME mad. *sticks C4 to the bathroom walls in EA's HQ*

TBH i rather it didn't happen if an opportunity presented itself.

Other studios have evolved and moved forward where as EA seem to be in their own little world and putting paywalls in the way. Eventually they will become irrelevant when licensees decide to not be exclusive with EA.



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What EA property would even mesh with Nintendo?

NoirSon said:
What EA property would even mesh with Nintendo?

I can't think of a single one that would.

Yes, but Mario will need 200 hours of gameplay to unlock - or alternatively 200 bucks in lootboxes.