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Spindel said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

.kkrieger, an ego-shooter made in 2004 by the demo scene. while it doesn't look impressive at first glance, the whole game is just 96 kbyte, meaning it is smaller than some NES games

All assets in kkrieger are procedually generated which means it’s basically a 96 k textfile. If I remember correctly the game used 200-300 MB of RAM when all assets had been loaded/generated.


OT: It also irks me when people talk about procedual generation as some form of randomly generated content only method, which it’s not. Kkrieger is an example of a static environment (as in it’s always the same) that is procedually generated. But procedual generation is good to use for randomly generated content because of the low storage space required.

More or less, all textures and models are calculated instead of painted/pasted upon the environment.

The Demo scene in general is able to do marvels out of hardware you never even thought they could do something even close to that

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There were quite a few NES games that really squeezed the hardware's balls til they were blue, to the point where they almost looked like bad Turbografx-16/Megadrive games.

For example:




Kirby's Adventure


Batman Return of the Joker

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