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Intrinsic said:


Fear Effect

Vagrant Story
GT2 & GT3
Ocarina of Time
Ninja Gaiden
Tekken 3

I think every game on that list represented a wow moment for me. I would have put in FF7.... but I think FF8 showed a mastery of what they were trying to do with FF7. Though FF7 was the better game.

That's a damn good list.

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Shadow of the Colossus. Actually, scratch that... since it still isn't quite outdated :P

Wolfenstein 3D?

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i gotta go with Mario 64. Nothing like that was seen before in my little eyes and I was completely floored by what I saw and played. My little kid brain couldn't comprehend what was going on.

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Elite (C64 - '84) - not the first game that I saw using, what was back in days called, vector graphics (Battlezone was first that I played) to represent 3D, but coding open world space game in just mere kilobytes was marvel on its own - not to mention it was (and still is) brilliant game.

Wolfenstein 3D & Ultima Underworld (PC - '92) - textured 3D real-time game? Say what? For anyone that's been playing 3D games for years with simple color shaded polygons, this was incredible feat.

Comanche: Maximum Overkill (PC - '92) - these days voxel based terrain in flight sims is something that is taken for granted, but back in '92 my mind was blown when I first saw this, being used to very rudimentary polygon based terrains on Amiga and PC.

Quake (PC - '96) - no more sprites to represent objects and characters - everything was 3D...not the first, but probably most popular.

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Another one not mentioned yet, the original Legend of Zelda.

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I'm going to have to add the GTA3 saga (3, VC, SA) here as even though graphically it nothing to write home about it was a marvel in creating and pushing large living open worlds.

I was playing Morrowind and staggering around in the ashlands getting attacked from the sky with no magic left. It really felt as if i was lost playing a videogame. The world had truly pulled me in and i was thinking om how to get h*ll out of there.

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Final Fantasy 7 is the game that immediately comes to mind. The graphics look incredibly dated now, but they really wowed me when they were first released. I think it is even more noticeable in this game, because the FMV's look so much better than the basic walking around graphics, especially of Cloud. So the best graphics of FF7 looked amazing back in the day, but the worst visuals in FF7 just look really godawful terrible.

At the time of its release, I thought we had hit the utter most realistic thing with the original Far Cry, and nothing could surpass it.



It looks so incredibly out-of-date nowadays, it's a wonder I even believed that back then. But then again, it did become a technical wonder for quite a while.

There's also Final Fantasy 8 (though I was much much more impressionable back when I first played it, but it gave the impression of being in a living, organic school with its more humanoid characters in contrast to FFVII), and Resident Evil 4, with its enemies doing all kind of crazy tactics to get the best out of you, plus its nice graphics that lowkey hold still, even if dated.