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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Quantum Break is a masterpiece

I really loved to play the game on my XBO when it came out. Only thing I didn't like was the "temporal reconstruction technique" to upscale 720p to 1080p.

I'm currently replaying that gem on PC and gladly that upscaling can be disabled. Native 2560x1440 is demanding for that game, but thanks to G-Sync everything runs smooth.

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I love good story-driven games and I loved the presentation of this game. I wasn't a fan of the TV part. For me, it was 20+ minutes of idle time, with so-so acting with mostly side characters I did not really care about. I would have preferred if they had somehow manage to incorporate the TV story part into actual gameplay.

Still, I agree that it's meta was a bit low, brought down by some ridiculous 4/10 (Seriously, this game received 4 4/10). I would like a sequel to this game, preferrably one without the TV part and one that was aiming for 15+ hours storyline only (not including TV or collectibles)

Barkley said:
" If Remedy owns the IP, maybe it could be a multiplatform release."

Remedy have confirmed there next game will be multiplatform and launch on PS4. I don't think it'll be quantum break though, looks like an expensive game to make and it's sales were not good at all.

Yeah I’m not expecting their next game to be a QB sequel, just in the future hopefully.

Thats unfortunate if MS owns the IP but maybe it gives QB2 a better shot of happening. We did get American Nightmare, after all. And QB2 would be way cheaper to make considering they already have an incredible engine and would surely skip the live action stuff this time.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it.


A good one time play through.

The 30 minute cut scenes absolutely destroyed the gaming pace. They were also 99% pointless. The only reason I'd consider a second play through is to skip every cutscene and see if I could notice a difference.  If I started playing the game and finished with a TV show it was fine.  However starting the day with one left me bored, and no interest in actually playing the game. They were dull, lifeless, and had a very poor plot to them.

The only difference I noticed the first time is "oh hey its that person" I'm fighting. Since almost all of the cutscenes involved characters never in the actual game.

The powers were great, loved the powers. The final fight was bull crap. It was pointlessly hard with random gimmicks, crashed me twice (only time the whole game) and those load times were insanely long. Which mattered because I died a lot (to the gimmicks).

I remember one map. I expected it to be epic. Like king of the hill.  There was a device turning off your powers. I thought I would have to "sneak" to it. Turn it off and then guard it. Wrong on both points. I walked directly to it. No sneaking, no fights. I turned it off - and it stayed off.

In essence the level didn't actually "start" until I turned it off. And it never turned back on. Making it a useless prop. And a very easy level.

Oh and I just remembered how god awful the running and jumping was. The "running" was a very much slow-paced run. And the jumping was something I haven't seen that bad since I think PS1? There were many times I had to go "am I missing this jump because it isn't part of the game, or because I'm not jumping from the exact right spot".

So I'd have to try jumping from the same spot multiple times to see if it was bad jump, or invisible walls. Most of the time, invisible walls.

Oh and now I remembered the gathering. The millions, and millions of e-mails. Desperately hoping for story reading multiple-page e-mails. Unvoiced, and uninteresting.

I'll play the sequel (and avoid the 30 minute TV show cutscenes) because the time powers were great. One of the few times I'd be fine with them cutting the entire story and concentrating on just time powers.

Cut the jumping, the story, the gathering. Leave the powers, and the finding the "power ups" to make your powers better. That's it.

edit: Wow De-ja-vu. I think I had this same discussion when the game first came out. More than two years ago. There was someone saying the critics had no clue what they were talking about because they were playing it in a different way. That amused me greatly.

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I respectfully disagree. I found the gameplay clunky and repetitive, and the story largely uninteresting.

Oh, and the insanely heavy use of post processing effects and film grain made the game blurry as hell and still did nothing to help the ever present texture pop in.

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hmm, you have my interest piqued. when the game inevitably goes on sale again i’ll pick it up.

The Order 1886 is a masterpiece too, damn reviewers these days , they got wrong on QB and The order, they failed us.


I finished it a few days ago. Took me months to commit to it. It was alright.

I was quite hyped for it until it got a 77% on MC. I have too little free time to play games I’m not sure will be good.