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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Capcom is Clowning Us!


Are you down to clown?

Fat chance! 15 68.18%
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John2290 said:
Darwinianevolution said:

Aren't most games on the Switch already more expensive than their counterparts on PC/PS4/XBOne to "compensate" for the cartridge prices? It's very frequent to see games at launch 5€ more expensive, yet many games still have the games incomplete on the card. It's a very scummy tactic that hurts the consumer by both ends, so when Capcom does it with a game that doesn't need it at all, people are going to get pissed off.

Well, you see in the eyes of gamers Nintendo can do no wrong, so they get a pass. And yeah, It's closer to 10 euro more or usually rounded off to that from what I'm seeing in comparison between switch and other systems with little to no sales or flash sales for the younger crowd or less wealthy owners and Switch does have a large base of younger people, who don't have their own income. That's exactly my point as to why Nintendo need to think of something fast, if they didn't have the threat of kids and teens jailbreaking or breaking there systems attempting to in the coming months, they could charge 20 euro more and it wouldn't matter much besides for some complaining but now they really need to step back and rethink this, maybe reduce prices for digital gaming drastically and have PSN/steam level flash sales and out an SKU with more built in storage or...something. They're on seriously thin ice if they don't counteract it the next few months, I'm not technically inclined but changing the chip seems to be the most difficult yet the best option. There is going to be more jailbreaking on the switch than there ever was on PSP with the internet and the streisand effect, those prices have to come down as every time a consumer goes and sees a game ten euro more on their system or can't afford a game you can't blame them to consider the alternative. Perhaps starting to build a strong digital market place, not filled with over priced mobile like games would be a start if they can't cheapen physical releases or bite the bullet and take the financial hit on their own terms until they change the chip. Perhaps a subscription based game pass type deal might counteract it but that'd have to be digital anyway, hmm, it's a tough situation all round. Hope they make the right call whatever they do.

There are plenty of physical games on Switch that have gone on sale and yet come on larger cartridges (namely 8 GB). In addition, games that fit on 8 GB and smaller cartridges seem to be priced in line with their disc based counterparts. Moreover, 3DS has cartridges that range from 1-8 GB (Vita game carts are also within this range) and yet most games are cheaper on that system compared to those that come on disc. The problem currently seems to be with the 16 and 32 GB carts, which will most likely be resolved as more units are produced and bulk prices are lowered. But these larger carts are not the ones that Capcom has to use.


As for the hacking thing, both the Wii, 3DS, DS have had similar vulnerabilities to Switch that eventually led to piracy. None of these systems died from it (not to mention systems like PS4 also being hackable at the moment). As for the demographic information you provided about a large base of teens and kids without their own income, Nintendo has already shared demographic information indicating Switch's audience currently mostly consists of younger adults with their own income.


Finally, you are blaming Nintendo for going with cartridges. Again, as with my previous comment, what would you have them do? If they released a system with no physical media then people would have jumped on them like they did with MS with the Xbox One (which was initially supposed to have physical media tied to a digital ecosystem (or PSP GO). In addition, as previously mentioned discs are not viable anymore. A physical BD ROM would not fit inside the Switch and mini Disc standards have not been updated in years.

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GProgrammer said:
SuperNova said:

Here is an Ars-Technica article that I was referring to (well, actually I was thinking of a diffrent article about the same sales report, but this is the one I found) making reference to Macronix selling 32GB ROMs to Nintendo at BD price.

You're miss reading the article, there they say "The biggest detail lacking in Screen Critics' report is any confirmation that Macronix's next fiscal year will include a ramping-up of 32GB-capacity chips—and selling such chips to Nintendo at a cost comparable to Blu-ray discs. "

'lacking' perhaps english isnt your native language bu they're not saying they're going to cost roughly similar to blu-ray. In fact the rest of the article says the ROMs are going to be more expensive than blu-ray, but they're speculating. I want actual data.

I did go online with alibaba, the cheapest place on the web to buy stuff, and the best deal I could find were blank ROM's at smaller capacity to a blu-ray costing 500% more, not 5% more 500% more. 500% more for less capacity and they're blank, The bluray is with the game written onto it.

I agree rom's are better for a portable device like the switch, but they're certainly not as cheap

I brought up the Nintendo Life link earlier regarding the 8 GB cart being priced similarly to the BD counterpart. The primary argument against my link appears to be the cost of the BD discs versus the cost of cartridges. There are a few things wrong with looking at this situation by directly looking at the cost.

1. Neither Nintendo nor Sony are selling the physical media at the cost they are produced. If you read the article, they talk about how the developer is at that price also receiving packaging and other items for publishing. In addition, it is quite likely that both companies are making a certain amount of profit on every unit of physical media sold to publishers (much like how they make profit on the revenues of developers on their digital stores). Hence, Nintendo is simply pricing the 8GB cart package similarly to the BD package offered by Sony and MS.


2. The flash memory inside devices like Vita and Switch is not the same as things as SD Cards. So looking at bulk prices of SD Cards  on sites like Alibaba is not a good indicator. The flash memory on used on these cartridges is designed for a much smaller number writes compared that what is in SD cards, and hence these cards should be much cheaper to produce. Although, with that being it is probably correct that looking just at cost, disks cost less than carts. Hence, why Sony and MS offer fewer SKUs for publishers for physical media on disk based consoles.


3. Both 3DS and Vita had carts ranging from 1-8 GBs. In the case of the 3DS, the carts were much more sophisticated compared to what comes Switch and Vita (the 3DS carts had a seperate writable chip for saves as well as native interfaces that would allow for carts to expand hardware functionality). Despite this both 3DS and Vita games cost considerably less than the home console games despite using carts.


4. Currently I believe most of the Switch games that are simultaneously released at a higher price than their counterparts are the ones on the 16 GB and 32 GB carts. This is currently a problem that mass production can fix over time. Moreover, this does not apply to this game (which can fit on a 4 GB cart).


With regards to this specific situation with Capcom. The file sizes that OP lists indicate that the game would fit on a 4 GB Switch cart. Again bear in mind that there have been a few 3DS and many more Vita games that have launched on similar cart sizes and yet cost less than games launching on disc (on the Vita in particular, there have been games that cross launched on PS4 and yet the Vita version costed considerably less). 

My hypothesis based on what I presented above is that Capcom has seen that Switch has the option to split physical games into a portion that comes on disc and a downloadable portion. In addition, they see that Nintendo is offering even cheaper physical media packages in the form of 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB carts. Thus, by going with a smaller cart that contains only part of the game they can increase their profit margins. It is likely that Capcom is making more money on the Switch version by using the 1GB cart. This is not Capcom being evil, but rather a way to make more money. If Sony and MS offered a similar system to Switch, Capcom would have done a similar thing if Sony and MS offered cheaper disk packages that allowed part of the game to be downloaded.


This is not unlike what Konami did with the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V (although Capcom is not nearly as bad), where they opted to go with a DVD (as opposed to say a Blu-ray disc that could actually fit the game) that only contained an 8MB Steam installer with no trace of the game itself. 

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