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Forums - General Discussion - Amazon Prime $120 price justified? Or corporate greed?

It's worth it to me. When I get things, I want them fast and prime delivery is great. More importantly, I have my things delivered to the store which is a few minutes away. There are a lot of students and other young people in the apartment complex where I live. Unlike me, they tend to steal. The front office warned me when I move in that there's no pickup in the front office and I might want to have things delivered at my job (which is not something I want to do), so I'll cough up the less then 2 dollars a month.

That and I actually watch Prime movies, because I like old movies (same with Netflix), and if I really want to watch something new I will rent it off Prime. Used to stream pirated movies, but I got a cease and desist from my cable provider so I guess I will pay up.

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soon as they took collector edition prime benefits away,it became not worth it

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If they can use the extra money to make amazon tv worthwhile, maybe...

I pay $10 a month.

I get free shipping on all amazon shipped orders.
I get prime video including "Man in the High Castle", "The expanse", "Vikings", etc.
I get 20% off ALL new video games (compared to my 10% corporate discount as a developer).
I get free music streaming of almost any song i want (my wife pays for the music unlimited though).

We have 3 amazon fireTVs, a fire stick hooked up to my treadmill, 2 echos, 2 echo dots, and 3 kindle fires. Ironically, i spent less on all that hardware than people do on a new iPad (full size).


I can consume media on all of these devices... its deff worth it. PS: they will ship freight items for free too. I got a 200lb entertainment center shipped free.

Doesn't sound that bad to me.

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People complain about company greed and willingly pay upfront to be a customer at one company.

There are so many online-stores available, so I don't need it.

It's pure corporate greed of course.

I'll go further by saying that Prime is unnecessary in and of itself. It's just an invitation to buy always more stuff. I buy stuff whenever I feel like buying stuff and not because I need to use the advantages of Prime. On Amazon France if your purchase is of 25 euros or more, shipping is free so all I need to do is wait till I need to buy enough stuff so the total is 25 euros or more and I have no shipping fees. why would I throw 50 euros away in Prime when I can perfectly do without it?

Also Prime over here is 49 euros/year, when you say 100 and now 120 Dollars, do you mean per year? Cause for once something in America is super more expensive than here in Europe.

Still well worth it for me, as i buy a ton of things each month, from there. All of my canned dog food and such, which is cheaper than wal-mart, chewy, or anybody else that i've come across. Also, for the Prime Original shows that i enjoy on Amazon TV, as well as some classics that i needed to revisit.