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Forums - General Discussion - Amazon Prime $120 price justified? Or corporate greed?

pokoko said:
If you eat like a bird, is a buffet worth the price? What if you eat like a horse?

It's up to each individual to determine if something has value or not. I paid $100 for Prime and I feel confident that I made that back with shipping (for myself and others) plus peripheral features. I'll have to look at it again to determine if $120 is a worthwhile investment.

Exactly... for me its definetely worth it.

If it is not for you, then dont subscribe to it. Simple as that. Nothing of "corporate greed" or whatever, just free market.

If they lose too many subscribers they will go back to the original price, or create separate plan for the horses or birds.

And although I use amazon a lot, really, these guys need to be stopped at a certain point. There is no free market anymore when you have a monopoly and on top of that a company that in a certain way pratices dumping, literally not caring about profits.

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As Pokoko says, it depends how much you use it, if you regularly order from Amazon it's worth the money for the shipping alone.

I haven't paid for shipping for Amazon since 2002. It has always been free shipping on orders over $25 although they increased it to over $35 2 years ago. Paying $120 a year to get it in 1 day instead of 2, no thanks. I'm buying a lot fewer blu-rays as well nowadays, Netflix is keeping me busy. I have to decline he 'free' offer every time I order something though.

I'd probably start reconsidering my subscription at about $150.... maybe $200. I'd say the shipping benefits alone are worth $75ish per year. Then there's the video content, which I make use of about as much as any of the other big streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Hulu). The difference for me is that I only subscribe to the others for short periods of time, to watch the new stuff. I remain a Prime subscriber year round.

As for "corporate greed", what exactly is that? Amazon has a legal and (arguably) moral responsibility to maximize return to its owners (shareholders). That's the whole point of a business. So, as a business owner myself, I applaud Amazon's efforts to do its basic job. It has made a lot of people a lot of money over the last 2 decades.

$120... or for those of you who get scared of big numbers... $10 per month. and with that you get-

-free 2-day shipping for everything sold by Amazon
-Prime Video which rivals Netflix in terms of what content is offered
-5 free games every month offered through Twitch Prime (Xbox Live and PS+ give you 4)

all of that for $10 per month feels very justified

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John2290 said:
Holy shit, what exactly do you get for 120? Here in Ireland you'd get a phone plan with unlimited 4g data, Sky TV with home broadband and hundreds of channels, Netflix and a spotify subscription for that price and still have some money to spare. I get everything mentioned above aswell as Audible, minus the sky tv for just touching over 100 euro. Whatever Amazon Prime is, it better be damn well worth it. Hope it cleans my apartment and wipes my ass too.

It's $120 a year, not $120 a month.

Barkley said:

It's $120 a year, not $120 a month.

yet.  when Bezos wants to buy more things and fuck them up, and add horrid work conditions to that.


Looking at the other posts, it feels like us Americans are the 1%ers. We are being forced to pay a huge amount so that other places get it cheap and they can get a strong foothold there. Soon those prices will likely increase as well.

I thought about cancelling hearing this, but then remembered my amazon prime credit card. Not sure. You get 5% back if you are a prime member. Only 3% back if not. So doing math, it looks like if I spend $6,000 or more on Amazon in a year, I will break even with that card alone.

So do I spend $6,000.00 and roughly 2 day shipping worth it? I say roughly, cause I swear I haven't gotten 2 day shipping in forever. Feels like its been 3 minimum always. I ordered something Sunday, it arrived Wednesday. How is that two day shipping. I rarely ever watch any prime videos, and don't 'listen to amazon music.

Edit: Quick research and even counting a big ticket item in 2017, I spent less than 2 grand. I know I spend more in 2016, cause I purchased an item that cost like 3,500.00 but beyond a huge ticket item here or there, it looks like I spend less than 1000 per year. I should probably set my account up to no auto renew next Jan or whenever it is.

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Netflix costs $132 per year in the US for HD streaming.

Prime offers a comparable service, plus multiple features such as their shipping discount, free games, and credit card incentives. $120 per year.

You may certainly make a case for corporate greed, but Prime appears reasonably priced compared to its competition.

I split it with my husband so $60 a year for me to get free shipping is worth it, the streaming service is meh, but a nice bonus to watch Hannibal or the Americans.