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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo removes DKC Tropical Freeze from Wii U eshop

Mandalore76 said:
V-r0cK said:

If that's the case then PSN and should start closing up shops with their PS3 games. 

Regardless of consoles and physical games stopped production but it cost almost nothing to keep a game on sale online.  In fact it probably cost Nintendo absolutely nothing leaving their own game up on their own store lol.

Personally I couldn't care less about this game, if I wanted this game I would've picked it up awhile ago. I just think it would've been courteous of Nintendo to at least give a proper notice that's all.

Even worse, they could shut down the online servers for a game that was just released this gen (a year ago).  Oh wait, they are already doing that.

Games and servers close down for their own business reasons and its never good news for the consumers, but did they at least announce it well in advance? :P

If you're talking about Gravity Rush 2 then yes they did announce.  And with that notification, GR2 players are given time to utilize what they need to do online.

That's all I'm really saying about the situation.

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It's not like Nintendo will ever be punished for this since almost all Switch owners don't even realize most of worthy games on Switch are direct more expensive Wii U ports.

Mar1217 said:
Well, it's back ! Guess the tantrum from these 50 WiiU owners worked ...

(If only it could with Mother 3 too ...)

Fake news! Spoiler alert: it ain't.