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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch hacked: unpatchable exploit is a security nightmare for Nintendo

Wont be long until Switch runs pirated Switch games now...

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Arminillo said:
cant wait to get so many back-up saves, amirite guys?

A hacker already worked out a way to back-up game save's to a pc, and restor them to a switch.
So if you damaged your switch, you wouldnt lose your save games (if you had to buy a new switch).

Apparently it took him less than 2 weeks, of playing around with the switch to figour out how to do it.
Makes you question why nintendo doesnt already have a solution in place.

iron_megalith said:

Neat. Time to buy a switch then. Looks promising.  Not for piracy but since it's able to boot a Linux into it, maybe android in the future?

Run linux and run a android emulator for linux, and done.
most of those mobile phone games arnt too demanding, so it ll probably run fine on the switch if thats your goal.

And if thats your goal, yeah you need to get one of the current Switch models, not wait a years time or so, until a revised switch version comes out.


twintail said:
Nows the time to buy????

If you want to be able to play homebrew, use linux, and run pirated games yes.


Darwinianevolution said:
Well, this was rather fast. At this rate we might have the first R4-like Switch cartridges before 2020.

Wouldnt be surprised if a year from now (so in 2019), you have R4 like thingy for the Switch.

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well online isnt needed for about all of the games on the system, taking away that pillar of security.

the people who play and love nintendo will still buy the games it will be a small portion that will pirate it for the most part of course depending on region, now as far as the Asian Pacific countries, pirating will be high, that might be taking away some sales in high numbers for that region.


I don't understand why anyone sees this as a negative. How many Switch users on here will now stop buying games, and start stealing them?

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Cheating: yes, this is a problem, hopefully Nintendo can detect hacked Switches.

Pirating: I don't know if this will be a big deal. What major consoles have NOT been hacked?

invetedlotus123 said:
I don't understand the hate concerning jailbreaking, a person has the right to make modifications to their own device and Run wichever software they feel like running, wich is a complete different animal from piracy.

Because piracy is an obvious side effect of jailbreaking.  Not everyone will do it, sure, but that will be the use for the vast majority that jailbreak their devise.

VAMatt said:
I don't understand why anyone sees this as a negative. How many Switch users on here will now stop buying games, and start stealing them?

The only thing that worries me is how it might affect their online games (once they finally roll it out).  The cheating mods could affect me in a real way...

HoloDust said:

Nintendo Switch has been hacked, with two similar exploits released in the last 24 hours following a complete dump of the console's boot ROM. The hacks are hardware-based in nature and cannot be patched by Nintendo. The only way forward for the platform holder in fully securing the console will be to revise the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor itself, patching out the boot ROM bug. In the short term, homebrew code execution is possible and a full, touch-enabled version of Linux with 3D acceleration support is now available.

Have you seen this pic?

This it how it works.

Its release date is “coming soon”, supposedly according to the twitter profile behinde the guy that did the hack.

Hmm, lets wait and see how 3rd party react, from what i can gather on consoles they are not too tolerable to pirates.