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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch hacked: unpatchable exploit is a security nightmare for Nintendo

I hope nintendo go full medieval bricking/remo ving from network consoles that have homebrew if possible. Its a shame, thats why we cannot have nice things. I hope switch does not get destroyed by piracy as was the psp.

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Good good. Let's hope the inevitable next hardware revision gets hacked as well and we don't go X360 mode on this (that is, a completely new hack for a completely new revision...).

Depending on how accessible it is to install a kernel mode exploit on the Switch, this could very easily turn into a situation similar to the days where custom firmwares went rampant on the PSP ...

Piracy is arguably a much more massive threat to Nintendo's bottom line than any other game publishers since vast portions of Switch titles sold are first party which is maybe the lion's share of their revenues and profits ...

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Baddman said:
meh not a big deal imo ps1,ps2, wii,ds all were easily hacked if i recall correctly

And all over 100m sold, each with a billion or close to a billion in software

This, evre console that sold over 100m was very easily pirated and all had great software sales.

Saying that, there are already some leakead informations that Nintendo will most likly do silent revision of Switch where will be patched this Tegra exploit, its expected that those consoles will hit market in very near future.

The main problem here is Nintendo being too slow to add functions to Switch, like a Virtual Console, Web Browser and easy save game backup. People are going to hack switch for backing up a salve file, and this is all on Nintendo for not providing its users ways too do Basic stuff.

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This is why having an app store, an Other OS functions or other interesting things to keeping homebrew comunnity happy whitout having crack the hardware the best thing.

Well, this was rather fast. At this rate we might have the first R4-like Switch cartridges before 2020.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I hope this won't lead to an influx of cheaters/hackers, as that stuff can kill competitive online multiplayer games.

Apple had the same problem with the first iPhone, Steve Jobs refused to put an app store until jailbreak proved to be popular.

I don't understand the hate concerning jailbreaking, a person has the right to make modifications to their own device and Run wichever software they feel like running, wich is a complete different animal from piracy.