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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wolfenstein II for Nintendo Switch to launch June 29.

Cloudman said:
The game requiring additional downloading makes this game feel quite unappealing to me, although I'm not really interested in this game to begin with.

I was annoyed when I first read that too, but given the game's 13GB and presumably comes on a 8GB cart, we should be looking at a 5GB download, which is pretty small by today's standards. Yeah, it'd be nice if they just packed it all into a 16GB cart, but unless your Switch's memory is already full to bursting, it shouldn't pose a problem.

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Nuvendil said:
fleischr said:

I've heard total size is 13 GB on Switch. 8GB on kart - so 5 GB download.

PS4/X1 versions are around 40-50GB so that's pretty impressive.

Well that's a bit odd.  On the one hand, much smaller download than many feared if that's accurate.  On the other hand, they've used the 16GB before.

My guess is this is tied to the low sales of the game in general and management decided they didn't want to take a hit to their margins on this particular title.

Pretty sure people are going off the eshop listing which could be inaccurate. DOOM's file size before launch was lower than actual file size listing at launch, so the file size they're giving for Wolfenstein 2 right now could be the file size pre update.


13 GB is probably what's on the cart, it'd be the same situation as DOOM.


Edit: That being said I expect a download larger than 5 GB

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zorg1000 said:
curl-6 said:


At long last, I'll have something to play on my Switch. Feels like I'm the one getting a release date, from prison. XD

Panic Button are certainly productive; once this is out it'll mean that in the space of less than 9 months they'll have released 3 games on Switch, plus updates two of them with additional features and improved performance. Very refreshing when most games seem to take forever to come out these days.

I'll be getting this day 1; the base game already looks awesome, but the addition of motion controls for aiming is the icing on the cake.

Im looking forward to seeing what Panic Button and/ or Bethesda have up next.

One thing i like about the Bethesda ports is each one is closer to the initial release date.


Doom PS4/XBO-May 2016, Switch-Nov 2017 (18 months)

Skyrim Remastered PS4/XBO-Oct 2016, Switch-Nov 2017 (13 months)

Wolfenstein II PS4/XBO-Oct 2017, Switch-June 2018 (8 months)


Hopefully this trend continues and the next Bethesda game on Switch releases at the same time or very close to the other versions.

I could see Doom II announced at E3 for a late 2018/early 2019 release.

Well that relly depends from what next Bethesda and Panic Button Switch game will be, I mean we could get Fallout 4, RE7 or something similar first.

Wow, the beginning of summer will be full of games. Wolfenstein is not for me, though. I didn't think too much of the New Order, and I've heard TNC is inferior to it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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zorg1000 said:
fedfed said:
cannot wait... no wonder Dark Souls has been postponed!

I dont understand, Dark Souls was delayed because Wolfenstein was set to release 5 weeks later?

what I meant is... good for Dark Souls to have been postponed. May/June looks very busy with releases of old/reissued games


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finally something to look forward to on switch.



maybe street fighter for switch, the rest is meh or already played enough of on another system.


Barkley said:
The physical version requires a download.

Anyone know how big it is and If we should be outraged or not?

Apparently the PS4/XB1 versions are ~44 GB.
Switch version is ~14 GB (not sure what compression / lower quality textures / sound&picture quality was lost to allow this).

So it depends on what size cartidge they ship it on.
But yeah Most likely they shipped it on a 8GB one and you ll have to download like ~6GB.

Seems like alot of games, are shipping for the Switch, with half the game on the cartidge, and you needing to download the other half.

It seems a much more interesting FPS than Doom (or Splatoon) to me, so maybe I'll do pick it up. Nevertheless, cannot wait for Ys, Octopath Traveler and Hyrule Warriors (never got to play the WiiU or 3DS versions).

Just want to let people know that the 13 GB eShop listing that everybody is referring to probably isn't final. It's probably what is already on the cart and later on closer to release we'll get an updated listing with the download thats required. So the download may be larger than the 5GB that people are saying it's going to be.

Same thing happened with DOOM

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