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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wolfenstein II for Nintendo Switch to launch June 29.

Cloudman said:
MajorMalfunction said:

Yeah, it was a necessary evil to get it to work at all. CD/DVD/BD are all rotating media. A no-go in a portable console. I also accept that Switch owners need to buy MicroSD cards to download some of the bigger AAA titles. The only thing I can complain about on the Switch is that Nintendo offered 32 GB of storage just like the Wii U. In an era of 50+ GB games, Nintendo offers about half the space needed to store 1 AAA game. Yikes.

Yeah, that small storage space is awful. With how big games are nowadays, it wasn't a friendly move for Nintendo to make.

I feel it was an insular move by Nintendo. Just compare the sizes of third party games vs Nintendo's releases. It didn't hurt them in the slightest. Mario Odyssey is like 8GB or something, Doom is 21 GB, cut down on asset quality and without SnapMap. It's like 80+ GB on the other consoles.

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like I was saying earlier in this thread, the file size that we initially saw was not final. We now know that the digital version requires 23 GBs. The physical will most likely be a 10 GB download for those wondering.

Just like with DOOM the file size that we saw was how much was on the cart not the total size.

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