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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game Developers Tweet and Congratulating God of War (Guerrilla, Xbox, CD Project etc)

The hype is real , it's not just  gaming media site but respected developer and some famous people in gaming industries hyping and celebrating this games. 

These all some of the Tweet from game developer ,


Neil Druckmann - Naughty Dog

Kurt Margenau - Naughty Dog

Tomas Phuha - Remedy Games 

Hermen Hulst - Guerrilla Games 

Jan-Bart Van Beek - Guerrilla Games 

Dan Lowe - Motive Studios 

Billy Harper - Insomniac Games 

Mike Ybarra - Xbox 

Bill Rosemann - Marvel Games

Kazutoki Kono - Bandai Namco 

"Unbelievable quality, God Of War. What is this, amazing."


Brian Fargo - InXile 

Guerrilla Games

SIE bend Studio

Naughty Dog 

Quantic Dream

Sucker Punch 


Sony External Development Studio Europe 

Insomniac Games

CD Project RED 




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John2290 said:
Would you mind compiling the tweets or quoting each dev, it's a bit more work but the thread is confusing. Would be appreciated.

I did actually link the tweet , but sometimes the server wont work. I dont know why it happen like that. 

I put all the tweet link, sometimes it shows on the screen but sometimes it does not working . What happen ?

The tweet by CDPR... why is their box art different?! :o

How can we market the games we make without spending a budget? I mean these studios are self-advertising their properties while congratulating Santa Monica  

Not that that's bad necessarily, just a tad funny. haha.

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Kojima also picked it up.

Hiku said:

Kojima also picked it up.

I was gonna type as a reply, "has he said anything about it" but when i went to quote you the link appeared in the reply box, weird that it doesnt show on the actual thread.

Have not been this excited this whole gen, it's officially my most hyped game since GoW 3, lol.

It’s sad that I’ve seen people getting genuinely upset about Mike Ybarra’s tweet. As if because he works for Xbox, he’s only allowed to ever play and talk about Xbox products on his personal Twitter.

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

This game is pretty much universally loved by the industry. Cory Barlog did really well and he deserves all the praise he can get. The project was really tough and he tough of stopping multiple times. I think it's dafe to say everyone is really glad he didn't.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar