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The hype is real , it's not just  gaming media site but respected developer and some famous people in gaming industries hyping and celebrating this games. 

These all some of the Tweet from game developer ,


Neil Druckmann - Naughty Dog

Kurt Margenau - Naughty Dog

Tomas Phuha - Remedy Games 

Hermen Hulst - Guerrilla Games 

Jan-Bart Van Beek - Guerrilla Games 

Dan Lowe - Motive Studios 

Billy Harper - Insomniac Games 

Mike Ybarra - Xbox 

Bill Rosemann - Marvel Games

Kazutoki Kono - Bandai Namco 

"Unbelievable quality, God Of War. What is this, amazing."


Brian Fargo - InXile 

Guerrilla Games

SIE bend Studio

Naughty Dog 

Quantic Dream

Sucker Punch 


Sony External Development Studio Europe 

Insomniac Games

CD Project RED 




Last edited by HollyGamer - on 21 April 2018