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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite weapons in gaming

COKTOE said:

I've always like the looks of the various incarnations of the R-9. Since I was a kid


This might be cheating a bit, but it's primarily a weapon of war.


VGPolyglot said:

I have a lot of memories with these two weapons!

i appreciate your tastes. I vote for whips...Castlevania, Secret of Mana, Okami...whip, whip WHIP!

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Dragoon suits.
A lot of weapons in Worms. Banana Bomb for example.

I have a soft spots for revolvers. They tend to generally be among my favourite weapons to track down and find, and depending on the game and genre, they also become the ultimate weapon to have around. Someone already posted the Broken Butterfly from RE4, so I'll also contribute with the S&W from RE5:


And who can forget the M6G Magnum from Halo:


On a side note, Prompto in FFXV gets a particular handgun (or handcannon, if you prefer it) called Lionheart, and I found it great too. I can't find any decent picture of it that doesn't feature Prompto, so here's this:


And going with the Lionheart motif, gunblades from FFVIII:


On an extra, final note, I have to mention this one particular weapon (can't find a decent pic of it): the modified Beretta, named M9, from Metal Gear Solid:


Because imagine how fun this thing would be. It basically incapacitates people, so it's a perfect non-lethal gun alternative, and despite having to be reloaded manually after every single shot, it can save you a lot of trouble and time depending on your life circumstances.

The Nuke in Turok 2 comes to mind. Obliterates everything in a flash.


Nero's Red Queen (DMC4)
Cloud's Buster Sword (FFVII)
Cloud's First Tsurugi (Dirge of Cerberus, Dissidia)
Lady Maria's Rakuyo (Bloodborne)
Holy Moonlight Blade (Various Soulsborne)

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In Halo 2 I very much enjoyed most of the weapons but the Energy Sword, Brute Shot, Needlers, and Plasma "Stick" Grenades were especially fun compared to future iterations.

In Nioh, the Axe was fun for me the entire game. I am sure the other weapons would have been fun in their own unique way too.

gunblade leonheart ffviii


Grandmas, sheeps and Ming Vases from Worms. And the holy hand grenade.

And from Serious Sam, both the Quad Laser gun and The cannon

And of course, the BFG 9000. IDDQD, IDKFA, let's rock!

Finally, for close combat, Travis Touchdown's Beam Katanas

Rainblower from TF2.

Ooh this is something I'd have to really think about... but I'd imagine if I were to make a list, a lot of them would be Final Fantasy weapons, lol.