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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite weapons in gaming

I really liked the Red 9 in RE4.
A handgun with the firepower of a shotgun.

Getting critical hits on zombies heads happened frequently with this gun. And because it's a handgun you get plenty of ammo.

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the best weapons:


Did you spend 100's hours grinding to get a Mythic or Relic weapon? with their Unique skins and Weapon Skills?
Did you enjoy standing out because of one? being a "marked" as a badass where ever you went in the mmo?

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Is it cruel to say pikachu?

UT: Flak Cannon
Quake 2 WOD: Street Sweeper
Bloodborne: saw blade, Ludwigs Holy Blade, hunters axe
Horizon Zero Dawn: Tearblaster
Nier Automata: Virtuous Treaty
Xenoblade Chronicles: Monado
Berserk: The Dragonslayer
Final Fantasy 7: Buster sword

My favorite definitely is the Meredith & Co. Radius II Raygun from Xenoblade Chronicles X. Best raygun in the game and fairly cool look. 

Have other options from X, but for the sake of variety, let's say I also like the Master Sword, Gears of War' standard shotgun and the MTAR from Black Ops II, though I suposse the latter is semi-real. 

Also, if it can count, I'd include the Cobra from Age of Empires II:

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The Greatsword from Dark Souls 2/3 is my personal go-to weapon in them. The weight behind the attacks and the simplistic design of it makes it pretty cool in my books.

The Hydra Splatling from Splatoon is amazing, too. It's a Minigun that's made from a Water Tank and a Fire Hydrant, and that's just cool.

lol signatues

Im a sucker for time manipulation stuff.....

Another fantastic weapon:  The Monado

I second the Monado, the pistol from Halo, the BFG, and the Holy Hand Grenade.

Some others:

Torque Bow, Gears of War


Ripper, Dead Space

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I used to absolutely love the rocket launcher from Quake III, was so gratifying to shoot far ahead of a distant enemy and get the timing just right :D

Kingdom Chain from Kingdom Hearts.