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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Phil Spencer congrats God of War Developer

must say it's really a nice move from phil...


Congrats @SonySantaMonica @yosp on the review scores and the upcoming launch of God of War. Looks like a special launch for the franchise, great job.

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Microsoft going 3rd party confirmed

He doesnt have to do this, but he does, seems like a good guy.

To be frank, I much prefer the hostile executive to the friendly one - at least you know for sure that the hostile one is honest.

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Its funny when Microsoft,Sony,Nintendo people are so nice to each other and publicly congratulate each other,while the video community of all 3 are so vile and rotten to each other. Always love seeing these companies acknowledge their competitions successes.

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This is a learning moment for you, Phil.

Shuhei Yoshida 's reply : ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thanks Phil

Kind words, thats a good thing. The whole xbox team will play God of War on PS4 next week ^^ Thats really cool.

The magazines and editors are also enthusiastic. Cant wait of this Masterpiece!

MS is allways classy

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