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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kratos should have more then 1 child

For God sake, Kratos should have more then one child!  How many Goddess did he slept with, Athena??? Aphrodite ???

All the Olympus Goddess already being laid by him. Did he used birth control pill or what ???  0 score for me Kratos , shame on you. My Dick can be more productive then you Kratos. 

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Who's to says he didn't? Maybe he just didn't know he had more? Or maybe at that time he was just more focused on his revenge than sticking around and being a dad :P

Maybe old Greece have really liberal laws of abortion and birth control.

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Plot Twist, every norse god is Kratos's offspring from his prolific love making over the centuries.

He probably does have a lot of children from all of the girls he's fucked throughout the years.

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Hope there will be a new sex scene. Imagine boobies with these graphics..

I think the only nipples we'll see in the new game are from Kratos himself. Male nipples are apparently all the rage now.

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Didn't he score with multiple nameless women in the first 3 games? I'm guessing, with his son ever present, that particular mini game has been cut from the new God Of War. Or maybe...instead of cutting away to various objects rattling around and toppling over while Kratos (mercilessly?) pounds away, it will cut to his son's grimacing, shifty-eyed face.

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maybe he got mad and killed the rest of them

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mysticwolf said:
maybe he got mad and killed the rest of them

It wouldn't be the first time he killed the mother of one of his children.

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