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Forums - Sony Discussion - GI May cover: Spider-Man, releasing September 7, Special Editions and DLC announced

I'm calling it, Sony will sneak this into the first half.

June 29th.

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Looking great. Hopefully the September release rumor isn't true, that's already a busy month for me.

Wow the web swinging looks great! My hype just increased.

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Should release in May =] for auntie may

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June 22 (my birthday), June 29, or July 6 all sound plausible.


MasterThief said:
Intrinsic said:

Can't be next month. Sony wont send two of its games to compete with eachother.

looking like a strange year. which other big titles are coming out after spiderman. this is august at most


but you still got like 4 months of holidays. prob need an another big release as well? maybe at E3 they announce a game for 2018? hmm. or maybe just maybe KH3 actually doesn't get delayed 

Naaaa..... usually sony leave the months of sept through to december for the third party publishers. Thats pretty much been their MO for the last 4 years.

Added benefit of that ia that these sony published games released at full price now will orobably be discounted around that time of the year or even bundled with hardware. 

It wouldn,t surprise me though is spiderman comes out as late as september. Though my money is on june. June 28th to be exact.


The PS5 Exists. 

I'll honestly be surprised if Sony does a 3 punch combo by releasing GoW, Detroit, and Spiderman all in a 3 month window. Releasing Spiderman so early leaves them with nothing big for the 2nd half of the year (Days Gone was delayed to 2019, TLOU2 is most likely 2019, and Ghost of Tsushima will be late 2019 or early 2020 I bet). There was a September leak for Spiderman awhile back, and September wouldn't surprise me at all, though I'm hoping for August since August is a dead month for me and September already has Shadow of the Tomb Raider and most likely Forza Horizon 4 which I both plan to play.

A release in June would be highly beneficial if the game is hyped around E3. Besides, it wouldn't do them good to do so on October and November when there's the usual franchises of those months.