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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Remasters - what next?


What remaster would you like?

Spyro 9 24.32%
Mass Effect trilogy 9 24.32%
Splinter Cell 1 2.70%
Prince of Persia 3 8.11%
Quake 1 2.70%
Other 14 37.84%
Vini256 said:

Most of the remasters I want are Wii games tbh:

- Skyward Sword HD (I think this one is very likely - just please don't try to shoehorn VA in it Nintendo)

- Both Super Mario Galaxy games

- Super Paper Mario

- Wii Sports Resort (A straight-up sequel would be ideal for this one)

Since I've never played Spyro and I love 3D platformers, I'll take that rumored remake as well.

There was Wii Sports Club.

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They need to remaster the old Monkey Ball games. I am tired of the new crappy Monkey Ball games. Give us the originals! It and Melee are the only things keeping my Gamecube connected to the TV!

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VGPolyglot said:

There was Wii Sports Club.

But that's a remaster of the original Wii Sports, not Resort.

Wouldn't Diamond and Pearl be more ramake than remaster? Unless you mean porting it to the 3DS. Though they would probably still remake the assets with the X/Y and Sun/Moon ones.

I'd want remakes more so than remasters with some of the older Fire Emblem games, like Genealogy of the Holy Wars and Thracia 776. It'd be cool if they gave those 2 the Echoes treatment.



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DragonRouge said:
fory77 said:
kotor 1 and 2

I wholeheartedly disagree, these two NEED to be remade completely using the same engine as the battlefront games and retelling the story of Revan, the sith vs republic war and the sith lords of part two as 100% canon. 

and a kotor 3 on the side

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I would love a Prince of Persia. I'm getting sick of Assassin's Creed. It's like a less stylized and more boring version of Prince of Persia.

Other Franchises:
- F Zero
- Super Mario Sunshine
- Shenmue 1 and 2
- Jade Empire
- Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2
- Banjo Kazooie (Full On Remake)



kazuyamishima said:

this please.

Remakes ofcorse!

Ratchet ps3 trilogy would be dope (tod, q4b, acit)

MGS3 getting the twin snakes/nsanity treatment would be great. That covers my top 2 games ever

Resistance (especially resistance 2 co-op) would be awesome as resistance 3 was the best shooter of the gen and wasn’t surpassed until Doom

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