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Good luck, mate. You'll need it .

This year I've finished two games, working on the third one, while also playing others that are endless. But I don't even want to think how many new games I've picked during that time.

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Just to continue, I've finished 4/5 games on my end, which is actually pretty good considering I'm almost half-way through what I did last year.

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Yeah I have hundreds of games in the back log can't pass a good deal sadly

I have a large list of JRPGs that I have been meaning to get through.

FFXII Remake - Got about 15 hours in and then got distracted by some other game.
Ni No Kuni - About 20 hours in, and the release of the sequel has prompted me to finish this one first.
Ni No Kuni 2 - About 5 hours in, but stopped playing and decided to play the original through first.
Bravely Default - Something like 150 hours in, and still have a decent amount left. I'm playing on hard mode, and I just got to a point where the game became much more difficult, and I don't want to lower the difficulty after 150 hours if maintaining it on hard. I want that hard mode icon next to my name for bragging rights.
World of Final Fantasy - My daughter is about 25 hours in; I actually barely played it myself, as I had another game I was trying ot get through.
Persona V - Around 50 hours in; just finished the second main dungeon. My wife started playing this again last week and it's made me want to go back and finish it.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Game says 75 hours, but it's more like 50 hours, as the game counted 25 hours while in sleep mode (which really bugs me).
Dragon Quest 7 3DS Remake - About 70 hours in; long, long way to go still.


Tales of Berseria - This is my main focus right now. I thought I was getting close to the end, but then I checked online to find out how many total "skits" there were, and used that as a gauge to determine how much farther there is to go. I have 235 skits done, and there are 457 in total, so that means I'm only about halfway done. I'm freaking loving this game so much.

I'm most likely forgetting a ton of games; these are the JRPGs that I have played recently enough such that I would continue off of my current file rather than start anew.

Bristow9091 said:
Cloudman said:
Yeah, I'm quite bad when it comes to clearing my games... I usually wait til night time to play some games, but by the time I'm ready to play, I'm just too tired to play anything lengthy or intense. So I end up playing Issac instead. Happens quite often xD

This is very similar to me, I don't like playing games through the day and stuff because there's too many distractions and I can't concentrate, so the only time I can play is when I have peace and quiet around me, which unfortunately isn't until like 1-2am or something in a house of five people all aged 18+, lol... and most days I think to myself "No point starting a new/continuing a game now... I'll just play Overwatch", so I do that instead, lol. 

Thankfully that'll all have changed by this time next year, since we hopefully have our own house by then, and my girlfriend works nights a lot, so I'll have tons of quiet time to sit down and play... probably sounds silly but that's actually the thing I'm looking forward to most, lol.

That sounds like it'll be good when you'll have time to play more games, haha. What stops me from playing sometimes is just me deciding to do a little sketching beforehand, when suddenly an hour goes by and I no longer have time to play something heavy xD



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Well, played some Persona 5, will probably play some more later tonight. I really just want to get the game done and over with at this point.

Wanted to start Final Fantasy VIII or Xenogears, but I don't think I can beat either in 2 weeks.

HomokHarcos said:

Wanted to start Final Fantasy VIII or Xenogears, but I don't think I can beat either in 2 weeks.

What happens in 2 weeks?

VGPolyglot said:
HomokHarcos said:

Wanted to start Final Fantasy VIII or Xenogears, but I don't think I can beat either in 2 weeks.

What happens in 2 weeks?

Stanley Cup playoffs from April-June and World Cup in June and July will be on then.

On my 2nd playthrough of "Guest Star" in Kirby SA :P

My backlog can wait ...

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