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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash online = poop

Yeah Nintendo servers arnt the greatest thing on earth.

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I don´t play Smash on WiiU online often, but the few times I´ve played with friends, it was working just fine.

I´ve experienced delays/lags in Splatoon and Mario Kart 8, though. It may be a game breaker for anyone seeking competitive online play, but for a casual player like me, who is not a big fan of online play, that´s no big deal.

Now you won´t know what is shitty online play unless you try Mario Tennis on the 3ds.... that thing was just horrible.

Poop!? I played over hundreds of hours MK8 and Splatoon 1 online each and I had great time, it wasn't perfect because rarely some Splatoon players would be discounted but thats far cry from poop or any deal braker. OP and some posts here sound like online is unplayable which is just silly.

I mean MK8, Splatoon and Smash wouldnt be so popular on Wii U and Switch (Smash yet needs to be launch) if online is bad.

Never had issues with Mario Kart 8 online aside from it being colossally boring. With Mario Kart, though, I find the experience is 4 to 6.5 fun-factor in single player/online - but jumps right up to a 9.8-10 when playing local multiplayer: especially with 6+ people.

I imagine it’s a similar deal with Smash, I had the N64 version, played the crap out of that multiplayer - but then later versions I played mostly single player and found them all boring/repetitive; aside from that adventure mode on the Wii version. But, it’s not just Smash, I find ANY kind of 2D fighter boring unless it is local multiplayer... Except Soul Calibur, the first one on Dreamcast, that single player mode was the bomb! But Soul Calibur single player campaigns sucked in part 2 and onward.

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I play a lot of splatoon online, and it had feel just smooth for me, but i'm not an expert, and i'm still playing casually. The only thing i noticed is that there's seems to be a lot of people that seems to disconnect mid match or even before it begin

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I played 1000~ online matches in Smash 3DS and never had more than a second or two of lag in a couple of matches on my shithouse internet (1mbps down, 0.5mbps up a couple of years ago). Splatoon on the other hand is beyond shit (even with the much better internet I have now,) MK isn't much better, but at least it doesn't disconnect. If Smash improves on 3DS online (which it damn well better) then I'll be happy. It would be good if they used servers for it, rather than the crap P2P Splatoon relies on.

Hopefully the upcoming paid online (which is the cheapest one among the other 2) Will make it better for you.

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Ultrashroomz said:
Copying this from a GameFAQs post:

"Smash Bros uses lock-step, which you can't do on twitch shooters because there's input delay. If there's any packet loss at all, the game will stutter, or completely pause, until the connection resumes. The shooters you mention, use network prediction, so if a packet is dropped, it'll look like it is playing normally but in reality, your game is just predicting what the other players had done while it waits for the correct data to come through."

Nintendo right now uses P2P in their games, and as a result, if one person has a shitty connection, everyone suffers. On the surface, Splatoon's online looks miles better than Smash, but in reality, they're both mediocre overall, in fact, Splatoon 2's is worse.

The tick rate is so crap, there are times where I my shots make noises, but kills end up taking like half a second to register properly, and even a few instances where I just spontaneously die from damage that happened 1 or 2 seconds ago. I know 2 seconds doesn't sound like much, but in game, everything makes a difference.

I really hope Nintendo has dedicated servers ready for their paid online service, cause they are legit committing a crime if they think charging for sub-par P2P is acceptable.

This. I get that it's cheaper but if it lags like hell and you have to pay for it it's no bueno. It also has to have system level voice chat. I myself don't need it that much but I get that others do.

For the avarage user the way of mario mart and splatoon is way better than smash (wii u). Its a trick, but they make them work seemingly more smoothly.
Sending messages to other players is what I would like to see in Switch games like Splatoon 2. Matchmaking in Splatoon 2 seems fine to me, apart from turf war and lowest ranks. The battles are surprisingly even most of the time for me and it feels like both winning and losing are possible, unless its 3vs4.
Hopefully they will make Smash5 online better and add more ranked modes.

I've never actually played Smash online myself, however what I would love would be a tournament mode, or potentially even a season mode where you can form a league with your friends and then face each other a certain number of times to determine a league winner (or perhaps do a playoff feature where a certain number of players advance to the playoffs to determine the champion). If there is a story mode it'd also be nice to be able to do co-op for that.