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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - The downside of Cross-play with PC : Sea Of Thieves already has hacks


Should Console users have a cross play on / off option?

Yes 23 79.31%
No 1 3.45%
What? crossplay rules, ju... 5 17.24%
SvennoJ said:
jason1637 said:
Cross play Is probably one of my favorite features. Been playing Fortnite, RL with my PC friends the last few months and it's been a blast. Love the feature. Haven't seen any hackers yet in Sea of Thieves. Rare will probably find a way to ban them.

Oh can you make cross platform parties between ps4 and PC for fortnight? My kids play it on my laptop sometimes, or together on two ps4's. All 3 of us could play together if that is the case.

Btw kinda funny that the whole argument against enhancements for the pro consoles for multiplayer games are bad goes right out the window with cross play. Must be the same fps, draw distance, or unfair! Crossplay, you could be playing against someone with 144fps zero latency monitor, KB+mouse, 8K triple screen setup, contrast enhancement injection etc.

In my case it's reversed though, Fortnight stutters and lags a ton on my laptop. It's hard to aim for a landing spot, bit better on the ground, yet 15 to 20 fps is about it. My kids don't seem to mind. Must look for the settings sometime.

Yeah PC and PS4 can start cross platform party. They will be put in cross platform servers with people doing PC and PS4. 

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Cross play is fine. There should be a option to turn it on/off though.

The issue with hackers is dramatized to the max.

"Hacking" occurs in practically all platforms and it is impossible to prevent but the funny thing its very rare one would come across it.


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