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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 10 March 2018

quickrick said:
zorg1000 said:

Its a good year so far, hopefully they can all keep it up.

is there anyway switch could be down, lol.

Sure, Switch did ~1.6 million in its first 8 days, if Switch had an average of less than 160k/week this year it would be down YOY, but more importantly it looks like Switch will remain comfortably ahead in the near future.


Sales as of March 10 this year are ahead of sales as of April 1 last year.

Switch will be around ~3 million by March 31, whereas last year it didnt hit that number until April 29.


So even if Switch sales plummet this Spring, it will hold the lead over 2017 for a few months.

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*sees Switch has hit 15.5 million units globally* YAY!! :D