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Forums - General Discussion - Do you use facebook/social media? How to potect privacy?


Do you use social media?

Yes 5 31.25%
Yes, but only with some privacy techniques 3 18.75%
No 8 50.00%

I use Facebook for real life stuff, and Twitter and Reddit for general internet shenanigans.

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Don't use any social media but I don't really care about my data footprint on the internet. If anything I feel sorry for clogging up all that storage with my worthless data garbage.

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Never had Facebook before :). Don't use any other social media either for the most part.

Only Threema.

I seldom use it these days and I barely post anything. One original post I make a year and maybe 6-7 shared articles a year is too much. I try not to do those quizzes anymore (which I used to). I just go there to see what people post and make a comment or two. But that's it.

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Got a facebook account. Have friends on it. Not posting anything on it.

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I have a Facebook, but I never use it.

I have Twitter, but only to get in contact with companies on questions about products.

If I want to share anything from the web, or show off anything in my personal life, I post on the activity feed on PSN.

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Yeah I use Facebook and messenger, along with Twitter and Snapchat... Twitter is just to follow certain game devs though, and Snapchat is just to send and receive lewd photos to and from strangers show pictures of my cats doing silly things.

I don't really post anything that could get me in trouble on either platform, so don't have a problem with privacy, my Facebook profile is set to public and I'm not ashamed of any of the photos that are on there lol.

I was kinda shocked to learn recently that people actually use Facebook, I thought it was just a name used for headlines every time an article is written about social media.
Like seriously, the website looks like it's from last decade, and that all the website traffic is for elderly people looking for minion's memes. I thought Snapchat and Instagram took over, with people like us using Forums like this for mostly civil discussion and news.
The website is useless honestly, all the news is heavily controlled to show only one perspective, you need to press a billion buttons just to do one thing, the UI is not as polished and simple as other apps. No one actually talks to their friends they added to Facebook years ago, they are just there to give the allusion that we have friends.

Just quit the website honestly, it's completely useless, and has shown time and time again that it brings nothing but trouble to everyone.

I don't use any social media like facebook except leaving fb up so old friends have a way of reaching me. Got burned out on duckface selfies, hourly updates on what someone is doing and people treating it like a diary/getting triggered when you don't agree to the stupid shit they posted. I use VPNs when surfing for porn or watching pirated movies/shows.