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Forums - General Discussion - Do you use facebook/social media? How to potect privacy?


Do you use social media?

Yes 5 31.25%
Yes, but only with some privacy techniques 3 18.75%
No 8 50.00%

I think Twitter is the only real social media I use. I don't use my real name there and in fact, I don't think my real name and Twitter account are either easily or even at all connectable. Beyond that, I use Firefox's tracking protection and I block ads, which ought to take care of the majority of the remaining cases - not that I really expect Twitter to be there among the worst offenders though. Oh, and I use an unofficial Twitter client on my phone, which ought to help (at least as far as Twitter itself getting my data is concerned).

Oh, and one form of social media I've stayed really far away on purpose is Disqus. Not using it is really annoying because it's everywhere, but at the same time, it being everywhere, on tons of different kinds of sites, make me really not trust it privacy-wise.

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I personally hate social media. My ex wife had to make me a MySpace 10 years ago since I didn’t want one. I have a Facebook now but I barely do anything with it.

No other accounts beyond that.

I... honestly don't care about my data privacy that much. These things aren't processed by people, but machines. The worst that'll happen is that I get targeted advertisement. And, why not, if I'm getting ads, anyways.

If that contributes to make free services of higher quality, so be it.

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