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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic Mania coming to retail as Sonic Mania Plus

Flilix said:
I bought it digitally 2 days ago.

Same here. Talk about bad timing. I'll still buy the physical copy, though.


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I knew waiting had its advantages! I will get it when I can. This game should have had a physical release day one.

Also, it will outsell Sonic Forces!

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Now I can finally play it. Thank god.

So glad I waited, will be getting it for sure.

This and my Sonic Mania Collector's Edition complete set Switch version.

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Thanks for the free update Sega.
I'm so tempted to get the physical version just to give'em more money and to collect it...
Please just gimme a Forest Zone from Master System update on Mania so I can give the game a perfect score.

Yay, now I can actually buy it!

Oh and they should add a platinum trophy for it too.

Tss .. would have known ...

I might get it just for collection purpose sake. I actually didn't thought this one would get physical release !

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those other characters look like some really bad fanfic tho lol

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